Sunday, January 31, 2010


No, we're not trying to make you hungry. Sandwich on the Rye is actually a great desk accessory, home or for the office. Designed by Haruka Nakai, it's all about keeping yourself organized. Remember, you can have a great space but it's also about having the little things to keep it a great space as well.


I've always believed that the Internet (and yes, with a capital I) is a strange and vast place. And while I'd really enjoy taking the time to thank Al Gore for something, I've got other things to do.

It's always interesting to see who or what comes out of the blogging sector, if anything. There's always a curious amount of trends and memes, people that are famous for a split second and the lucky few, like Tavi, who have a legitimate place to stay in.

So I was sort of skeptical. You hear hype and think "... oh ..." with little interest or reason to motivate to check something out and maybe I was a little guilty of that, for sure. But this morning, I've spent a good chunk just reading through style rookie and being decidedly impressed by the thirteen year old wiz-kid that's clearly taken the fashion world by storm.

I think it's wonderful, without a doubt, there's this sense of ageless - however long it lasts - that is stepping into a world where standards ultimately decide the course and pace . I like that she's pretty fearless with what she has to say and it's no secret that she's really passionate about fashion. I love that she can go from talking about an array of things - colors, patterns, the odd cool jacket - to something as serious as the issues that fashion does face, like the size issue that's been in the news these days. (Do read the post.) Of course, she's just a kid and who knows what a little bit of growing may do. She's getting people curious enough to read.

The point is that she's fantastic and if you're really one to be a skeptic, I think she's one that you should make an exception for.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


The new campaign for Hermès Spring 2010, featuring Karlie Kloss photographed by Paolo Roversi, is stunning. Soft and playful, there's a bit of an Alice in Wonderland/fantasy feel to it. See more photos here.

Friday, January 29, 2010


When fashion and design meet - the Calvin Klein + Los Angeles Nomadic Division event. A gorgeous collaboration between art and fashion, Jean Shin created “Pattern Folds” commissioned by Calvin Klein, and first unveiled in Seoul. Shin is known for her ability to create installation which transform castoff materials. More photos at the source.


Happy Friday! And hopefully, there are no crazy snow/thunder/apocalyptic moments today during rush hour. But here are this week's Friday favorites, full of things that inspire us and that we want you to go and check out:

FRANK BUCHWALD'S MACHINE LIGHTS. The series is comprised of 12 steampunk lamp designs, handmade in extremely limited quantities and that definitely look like they could have come straight from the set of Blade Runner. The main structures are made of raw brass and steel, which then are hand burnished - this creates a unique antique black and brown hue. Prices are not for the meek (from $3,800 to $5,900, and all the way up to $15,500).

HELVETICA COOKIE CUTTERS. What is really wonderful about these cookie cutters (besides the fact that they encourage cookies and cookies are, well, delicious) is that they're incredibly cool and incorporate the neat, clean lines that the Helvetica font brings to any form of design. But of course, they're cookie cutters and they bring cookies - don't worry, I haven't forgotten.

NOON STUDIO. Noon studio is a London and Avignon based design office, created by two designers, Gautier Pelegrin and Vincent Taïani. Their philosophy is all about the use of honest materials, the simplicity of execution, and forward thinking and innovation. As their site says, "a new dynamic which results from a relationship between people and physical objects." A favorite? The compas lamp, a leaning floor and wall lamp that can be moved and set to different heights. Or the tripod side table, a beautiful ceramic side table supported with birch cantilevering tripod leg system.

Jeremy Wolf is an Industrial Designer and besides doing some pretty incredibly things, he has a really cool website that you should take the time to navigate through for a few minutes. I'm in love with the re-routed radio - which Wolf says the goal of the project was to "re-purpose a conventional radio into an interesting form and interaction." His inspiration came from old mystery movies. BUT the real gem is his ACME DYNAMITE candles. And yes, the Acme from the old Looney Tunes cartoons. They're absolutely cheeky.

MASSIVE BOUNCY BALL INSTALLATION. This incredibly installation was designed by Australian artist Nike Savvas, “Full of Love and Full of Wonder” represents the very atoms that are the fundamental structural units of all things. Just gorgeous.

Furniture vandalism! No, we're completely serious. Street art meets your everyday, standard chair. They’re of all designs - some cool art, some really cheeky art, and absolutely beautiful all around. They're great for showing off and transforming any sort of room.

The new season is here! The new season is here! Damages is by far the best television show on right now, if not for the last three years. Starring Glenn Close, Rose Byrne, and Tate Donovan, the series revolves around the brilliant yet ruthless lawyer Patty Hewes (Glenn Close), her protégée Ellen Parsons (Byrne) and the law firm Hewes runs in NYC. The show is especially noted for its narrative (completely nonlinear) and season long storylines as well as the strength of its cast. Do, do, do check it out.

It’s Blitz! was definitely one of the best albums of 2009. It’s a force, from start to finish, and again, shows the tremendous presence the band has. But their videos from these albums are also a force to reckoned with – take the video for Heads will Roll which not only shows how much of a presence the incomparable Karen O has, but the knack the band has for putting on a performance. They are always colorful, always fun, and it’s always a show.

Haygarth’s design projects revolve around the collection of objects, all normally collected in large quantities; these objects are then assembled in a way that not only transforms their meaning but surprises you. The finished work can take any form such as chandeliers, installations, and functional and sculptural. Spectacle is one such project, using 1000+ pairs of discarded prescription eyeglasses that all link together into a gorgeous chandelier.

COLLETTE DINNIGAN. An Australian-based fashion designer and the first Australian designer to show during the Paris ready to wear presentations. Her RTW Spring 2010 line is stunning, full of vivid colors that are ready for spring and all about showing off shoulders.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


With a strange day, weather-wise - and nobody likes it when you're wrong, weatherpeople, here are a few great links that might entertain you before or after your commute home!

. An array of gorgeous, gorgeous art made out of food coloring by artist Corey Holms.

WISDOM BITS. A really cool website that offers lyrics from a bunch of different artists, from U2 to James Brown and the Kinks and of course, Madonna. Think fortune cookie lyrics and you'll see what we mean.

. This is the perfect place, perfect place for wasting a bunch of minutes and a place that makes you laugh. For instance, there's Dear Kafka, CHEER UP and a personal favorite, Dear Plato, YOU ARE WRONG.


NEW YORK – J.D. Salinger, the legendary author, youth hero and fugitive from fame whose "The Catcher in the Rye" shocked and inspired a world he increasingly shunned, has died. He was 91.

Salinger died of natural causes at his home on Wednesday, the author's son said in a statement from Salinger's literary representative. He had lived for decades in self-imposed isolation in the small, remote house in Cornish, N.H.

"The Catcher in the Rye," with its immortal teenage protagonist, the twisted, rebellious Holden Caulfield, came out in 1951, a time of anxious, Cold War conformity and the dawn of modern adolescence. The Book-of-the-Month Club, which made "Catcher" a featured selection, advised that for "anyone who has ever brought up a son" the novel will be "a source of wonder and delight — and concern."

Enraged by all the "phonies" who make "me so depressed I go crazy," Holden soon became American literature's most famous anti-hero since Huckleberry Finn. The novel's sales are astonishing — more than 60 million copies worldwide — and its impact incalculable. Decades after publication, the book remains a defining expression of that most American of dreams — to never grow up. (Source.)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Ever since Project Runway moved to Lifetime, Bravo has filled its lineup with an infusion of fashion oriented shows like the Rachel Zoe Project, Make Me a Supermodel and this year's, Launch my Line.

Of course, BRAVO's major success was Project Runway. There's no other way to say it. Not only did the show inspire season after season of designers, but it created a cult following of viewers that grew in every media outlet - from the papers, to other networks, to the blogs themselves.

Watching the premiere season of Launch My Line has been really fascinating, admittedly. The real essence of reality television is a formula, the secret to why Survivor is still around and shows like the Amazing Race and the Apprentice still prosper. Once you have the particular formula down and your particular audience sold, everything's gold. And the jury's still out on Launch My Line - of course, it has the big names. The hosts are the brains behind Dsquared, Dean and Dan Caten. The contestants, which is the kick, are from a variety of professions - CEO, jewelry designer, DJ, fashion writer, fashion critic (Merle Ginsberg, who is one of the Top three and has a couple of incredible pieces) - are then paired with actual designers. So it's the reverse, essentially, of PR.

But does it catch an audience? Admittedly, I only started watching because Lady Gaga was set to make an appearance and ... well, it's Lady Gaga. How can you not watch? And while yes there's a formula, the show seems to be missing a key part of what helps many of these trade reality shows succeed - a cast of characters.

There's no villain, no likeable guy. There's no conflict and really no sense of interaction between the contestants and the judges either. Then again, there can only be on Tim Gunn. So will I watch the finale? Yes, I think so. Am I excited? No, not really. It will be interesting to see if it comes back for a second season - the concept, BRAVO, is almost there.


Freshbump has commissioned 10 designers for a creative twist on ten design quotes and the results are a complete and utter visual transformation. Check them out!


Any time Apple has a new product release, there's always some sort of mix of excitement, curiosity, and well, let's be honest, price anxiety.

The iPad, the latest of the tablet releases, resembles a giant iPhone. Steve Jobs says it's better for everything - reading books, playing games, and watching videos than both a laptop or a smart phone.

But back to price anxiety.

It costs a grand total of $499. Now, Apple is fantastic. Everything is clean, functional, and if there's a problem, they do know how to take care of you as the customer. That's why there's that awesome thing called the genius bar. But if you can remember when the iPhone debuted, the price was equivalent to selling your soul and an arm and leg. So much so that Apple did eventually slash the price down.

The question is this though - will you be purchasing the shiny new iPad?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Yet again, we've come face to face with another great, crazy design discovered on a German blog. From what we gather, Hoist by Oscar Narud is an expandable floating hanger system that can be adapted to different spaces and accommodate for any ceiling height. Which is perfect for those of us that are fans of tossing clothes over chairs, on beds and bookshelves and assorted parts of a room that aren't made for such storage. But what this also manages to show, yet again, how great and transforming even the simplest designs can be.


From INHABITAT, this is the star of Tim Fishlock’s memorial art piece - entitled What Watt?, this dazzling chandelier speaks with the transition away from the widespread use of old school bulbs towards greener, more sustainable alternatives. Do check out the other photos of this dazzling piece.


It's important to set rules. It's important to have goals and places to strive to. Today, we wanted to share a few things that we try and live by. Here's a great list by the ever so fantastic Frank Chimero (and do check out his blog):

1. Do something compelling. People are hungry for better. Make something better and people will notice. This is the best promotion.

2. Message dictates the proper aesthetic. Figure out what you want to say and what is important to you, then let the style follow.

3. Make hard decisions about what is important. Be ruthless. Most things aren’t important, just by the very nature of what “important” means. From this:
• Give emphasis to the important stuff.
• De-emphasize the unimportant.
• Put up barriers between you and the distracting.

4. Be picky in work relationships. Realize that agreeing to unfair circumstances not only hurts you, but your peers as well, because it pushes what is acceptable behavior in the wrong direction.

5. Talk and think about process. It’s important. Don’t worry, no one is going to steal your “secret sauce.” That only happens with recipes. And creativity isn’t a recipe.

6. Simplicity in form. Clarity in concept. Conciseness in message. Now, more than ever.

7. Learn to operate in a world of choices. Don’t paralyze yourself with analyzing opportunity costs. Think, move, assess.

8. Two things can be incongruent, yet both partially true. Making two opposing elements play nice is the germ that fuels a lot of wonderful things.

9. If you curate, add context and value. Add a perspective.

10. Feedback loops: small and tight. Inspiration sources: wide and varied.

11. Bonus idea! And, probably, the most important: substance, please.

Monday, January 25, 2010


As always, tumblr is a great source for all things cool and inspiring. Check out Graphic Everywhere - where everything is pretty fantastic with a ton of humor.


Think your Monday's going terribly? Well, you could be this woman:

A significant Pablo Picasso painting was damaged after a woman attending art class lost her balance, fell into "The Actor" and tore it, The Metropolitan Museum of Art said.

The unusually large canvas, measuring 77.25 by 45.38 inches (196 by 115 centimeters), sustained a vertical tear of about six inches (15 centimeters) in the lower right-hand corner in the accident on Friday.

The museum, located on the eastern edge of New York's Central Park, did not elaborate on why the woman fell.

But The Met said the damage did not impact the "focal point of the composition" and that it should be repaired in the coming weeks ahead of a major Picasso retrospective featuring some 250 works at the museum opening on April 27. Read more.


It's PHI Day this Monday - usually, we meet on Thursdays but January has been a crazy month full of meetings here and there and everywhere.

Today, we're putting together proposals and color stories for some of our major projects that are coming into play. It's about putting to use all the pieces we talk about in here - cool chair? Absolutely. Fantastic colors? Right here.

But I think the most interesting part of these meeting experiences is getting to see how my two bosses work together. And let's face it - it's kind of awesome getting to see how chaotic and frenzied the creative process is. What I have to learn is how to act as a translator when I put together my piece, the piece that allows everyone else to picture it before it all comes together.

Anyways. I think the axes are pretty appropriate symbol for today, functional and cool and not just another way to earn extra points on a Scrabble board.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


We can't even begin to tell you how fun some of these furniture designs are from Straight Line Designs. It took a moment to study the photographs too - you think most of their pieces walked off (and I do mean walked off) Alice in Wonderland or one of the Disney films like Beauty and the Beast. But with spunk. Because they're that charming.

These pieces are well-suited for people who want to something extraordinary and fun and even a little playful. Take this little black dress cabinet - my favorite - which you can ultimately hang or place anywhere suited to you. They have a table called bad table, which earns a major grin or two.

Of course, it's not for everybody. But it does go to show that pieces for your room or office - or wherever you're looking to add them to - don't have to always be that picturesque, showpiece. If you're hoping for something with a little more personality, then this is definitely the place to investigate. (Source.)


From French designer Barral Fabien - sometimes the best use of space isn't a grand scale of colors, but a really cheeky wall sticker. A giant one at that. Another favorite? The Mr. and Mrs. sticker - check it out.

Friday, January 22, 2010



That's right. That right there has been the reaction this blogger's had (and ultimately, making her struggle with third-person references) upon discovering the latest in this strange but genius revival of classic novels.

Sure, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies was a strange and unexpected phenomena - can you imagine how much more exciting Jane Austen might have been with zombies back in high school? That's what I've been doing too. Then, of course, there's
Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters which just speaks for itself - come on, first zombies and now sea monsters. Sea monsters.

Now, there are robots.

Of course, it's true to the original novel - the story follows two relationships: The tragic adulterous love affair of Anna Karenina and Count Alexei Vronsky, and the more hopeful marriage of Nikolai Levin and Princess Kitty Shcherbatskaya. The kick? These characters live in a steampunk-inspired world of robotic butlers, clumsy automatons, and rudimentary mechanical devices. And when these machines begin to revolt against their human masters a la Terminator (!!!), these beloved characters must fight back using state-of-the-art 19th-century technology.

If that doesn't scream
read me, I don't know what else to tell you.


French designer Claudio Colucci's Mutant Attack Chair is a playful remix of the original, classic Thonet chairs. Designed for Clear Gallery Tokyo, the Mutant Chair present a sense of humor and the best part? They're made of recycle materials and available in different variations, in CMYK colors. (Source.)


Let's be honest. This week seemed a little slow in ending for all of us. But without missing a beat, it's time to talk about some of our Friday favorites. Remember, Friday favorites are all about what inspires us - things that we delight in, things that excite us, and things that we mostly stumble into discovering.

SPOON. It’s been three years since we’ve really had anything besides EPs from Spoon. 2007’s Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga was such a strong album in its own right that it’s only right to expect something just as strong; Transference doesn’t disappoint either. It’s a much more mature sound complete with enough intrigue and signs that the band is definitely going in a new direction. Listen to I Saw the Light.

THE GHOST LAMP. From Italian designers Donato D'Urbino and Paolo Lomazzi, the Ghost lamp was created for Bonaldo. It has a light source inside the stem and the white polycarbonate diffuser, which then delicately illuminates the surrounding environment. Bonaldo will be exhibiting the Ghost lamp at the upcoming Now! Design a Vivre show in Paris.

PROENZA SCHOULER. Love, love, love the Pre-Fall 2010 Collection, which looks like it walked out of Salinger's Catcher in the Rye. While the leather-sleeve varsity jackets definitely take us back, it's the little black jackets made with holographic sequins and metallic mohair that are favorites. Check it out!

LILLIAN PAU’S DEGREE COLLECTION. A dark, beautiful collection of jewelry inspired by OCD and designed to reflect order and disorder. As it's introduced on the sight, "repetitive, intrusive thoughts resulting in compulsive behavior are redefined in this collection, questioning whether we all have slight OCD."

CLAUDIA VAROSIO. Looking for something to put on your walls? Claudia Varosio, a London-based graphic designer, has completely re-imaged posters from some of our most classic films including Bonnie and Clyde, The Shining, Ferris Buller’s Day Off, and the Hitchcock classic, the Birds. Visit her etsy store for more.
MCNALLY JACKSON BOOKS BY FRONT STUDIO. Without a doubt, this is one of those "if I had the space, this is what I'd do without any hesitation" moments because just look. Front Studio says, "Because we are all avid readers and great lovers of books, our collaborations took on an amazing degree of synchronicity. We thus imagined a space where every moment evokes some visceral connection with books and with reading."

DEAR VAN GOGH. From Design Milk, by Mike Mak - there's no explanation needed. If your mind is going in that direction, you're absolutely right. Follow the link and check it out.

SCRAP LIGHTS. Seattle-based graypants, inc. has been getting a ton of material from their local dumpsters and transforming it into this. The handmade pendant lamps that come in three shapes: Disc, Hive, and Bell. Available as either hard-wired or plug-and-switch swag lights, all three styles have their own appeal: Disc, for example, hovers just like a flying saucer.

FASHIONTOAST. These days it's all about Look Books and quick and easy posts on Twitter; so when you do find a blog with fresh personal perspective and beautiful photographs, you know you've stumbled on a gem.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Shepard Fairey has a new poster print set, which concentrates on the eyes and a politically charged message, and it's called "Eye Alert". There's a left eye and a right eye - already sold out according to the site.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


BLOG OF THE DAY: Home Sweet Home is all about personal space and personal inspirations. Do check out this incredible gallery of photos.


Apparently it's Fashion Tuesday, here on the PHI blog - funny, since we were having a conversation the other day about things we could post and talk about.

Now theoutnet is a great place to find designer ware that has been markdown - still incredibly expensive though. And now a personal confession: Marc Jacob bags are a big favorite. They're always cool, always really innovative, and there's always a great color.

Take the Roberts canvas tote - Saffron colored with quilted leather purse embellishment. There's old-tone metal hardware, short double handles, a contrasting multicolored grosgrain detachable shoulder strap, two studs at the front, a plaque at the back, a turnlock to fasten and is fully lined. The even better part? There's an attached leather purse has a gold-tone logo-embossed frog clasp with purple jewel embellishment and stitched-seam detailing throughout.

But even though it's gone from $2150 to 752.50 (and apparently, it's now unavailable on the site), it's still on the list of wistful thinking.


So let's face it. There's nothing like Chanel - from shoes, to attire, to the scent of all scents, and a personal love, No. 5. But this blogger's not entirely sure what to make of their entire sporting line. Maybe it's because the preference in the wintertime is something along the lines of spa, not skis. Or maybe it's because should I decide to go and ski, I might take someone to the hospital with me. Needless to say, they are really beautiful - full of dark words and exquisite crafting. It's amazing design work and if you are a ski, snowboarding lover - this is something for you. Visit the rest of Chanel's 201o Sports/Accessories collection.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Designer Yoav Avinoam developed a handcrafted method for casting furniture from repurposed sawdust. His tables and stools beautifully juxtapose various textures, while crafted with a mix mixture of resin and sawdust from a variety of woods.

He lays the legs of each table directly into the mold, integrating these elements into the setting sawdust This creates a crumbly texture for the tabletop while adding support. The form of the tree branch-inspired legs also help secure the parts into the mold while it drys. You can check out the process here, at Inhabitat, where there's a gallery of how Avinoam works.


We love Matt Brown, an Interaction Designer/Industrial Designer who explores and chronicles all his projects on his site. Like this one.

Now this blogger is old-school. At any given time, glancing into her purse, you can find at least four notebooks. It's the feeling, reader, of having your pen scraping against the paper, ink staining your fingertips (or pencil if you're ridiculously hardcore), and then looking back at what you wrote either feeling incredibly proud ... or utterly dismayed.

We could go on and on romanticizing, but instead we're going to talk about this notebook. Slanted lines? Well, think about the airport or being in the car - how ridiculously uncomfortable is it to write in either or? First, you have to sit next to an absolute stranger on the plane and be completely mindful of your space. You know you're in trouble should you accidentally elbow your fellow passenger - now, it could be because they've fallen asleep on you, you're actually an extra on a Jennifer Aniston romantic comedy (or the unfortunate viewer of her Golden Globes dress) or ... well, you could go on.

The point is that this notebook, the slanted notebook, is great, accessible, and perfect for those tight spots. Which is just a total bonus. The lines are angled should you need to maneuver - and let's face it, elbow accidents happen all the time.


First of all, youworkforthem is by far the coolest site to spend a little time just browsing. And yes, we're already well into January - but it's never too late to do a Top list. But the list is an interesting read, exploring the favorite fonts among designers of all sorts. Do check out their blog as well.

Monday, January 18, 2010


While Monday's wrapping up, we wanted to share one of our favorite discoveries of the day. The Burberry couture trench- double breasted, silk with knotted epauelettes creating a great, great shoulder pad effect. It's all about shoulders.


From the Contemporist, Italian furniture manufacturer Poliform has created a residential interior project called “My Life in 80m²” that shows how the quality of a living space does not depend on the size.


We learn a lot of things from our mothers - how to cook, how to obsess, and how to navigate through a variety of choices and changes.

One of the habits that we've seemingly picked up (and as a result, we'd like to take the time to say thanks, Mom) is our love of flowers. It's not just a holiday thing, where we're predisposed to receiving some kind of rose with a box of supposedly-chewy chocolates. We're talking flowers, from tulips to lilies to Gerbera daisies to sunflowers - flowers that when they're put into a vase or are simply sighted in a small garden, they make you stop and look.

Now, we understand that with the wet and the wintry, flowers and fresh flowers, are some that goes against the grain for a variety of reasons. Some flowers are harder to find. Do you really want two dozen red roses before Valentine's day? It's not Christmas anymore, so poinsettias are really a major judgment call.

But when you do find flowers, fresh flowers at that, it's a great trick for adding a little life into the room. Whatever your preference maybe, that small (or large) splash of color that the flowers bring is something that almost instantly brightens the room. You can also get creative with how you put them into a room. Have an old wine bottle? Do you really use that extra glass pitcher? All it takes is that small initiative. So, yes, thanks Mom.


Running until April 4 at the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, Design USA celebrates all the accomplishments of the winners honored during the first ten years of the prestigious National Design Awards. It features outstanding contemporary achievements in American architecture, landscape design, interior design, product design, communication design, corporate design, interaction design, and fashion. Visit the museum for more information or, if you're even more curious, visit the exhibit site or read up in this great New York Times article in the Art Review.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Artist to watch! First off all, there's nothing like a catchy song. Second of all, there's nothing like a catchy song to remind you of much, much warmer times in the middle of a cold and wet January. Maluca performed at last year's SXSW and subsequently was a big hit. So far the only music out is a brilliant 12" (which you can get on iTunes) featuring the likes of remixes from Feadz, Gant Man, Nguzu Nguzu & Toadally Krossed Out. Check out her myspace.


By Tangle Creations, the Infinity furniture and lighting collection is based on the Tibetan Infinite Knot. The Buddhist symbol, also called the Endless or Eternal knot, has no beginning and no end. Infinity design collection pieces entitled Art, Sky and Sun, the latter being a globular light fixture.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


There's nothing quite like the perfect bookcase. Big or small, it's that personalized addition to a room or a space; the part where it's not only a reflection of yourself, but a place where people are inevitably curious - let's face it, you can tell a lot about someone by the books they read.

So readers, this is the Bookwave. And Bookwave? These are the readers. It’s a curtain, a room divider and a bookshelf, functional with variety. The soft soul of the fabric provides all these functions it can expand to any size. It's a bit high in price, but it does show us that shelving comes with a variety of uses - uses that can be used at home or even a commercial space.

For more information, visit the source.


Text “Haiti” to 90999 to donate $10 to Red Cross. $10 million donated as of 2:30pm on January 15, 2010. (Source.)

Friday, January 15, 2010


Happy long weekend, readers! Hopefully, today's warm temperatures and Project Runway reruns on BRAVO mean it's going to be a long, if not relaxing kind of weekend. We hope that you might find something special this weekend that will kick some inspiration into gear. So to start us off, here are few of our favorite things for the week!

With its tagline at home in the modern world, DWELL’s website is an excellent, eclectic mix of product recommendations, insights into assorted home renovations and creations, events, people, and places. Pay special attention their ideas section, where DWELL offers a range of perspectives that are organized by topic and room for easy accessibility.

The winery is located north of the classic wine-growing region of La Rioja in the province of Álava, Spain. Bodegas y Bebidas, is one of the largest groups in the region, and wanted a building that would be an icon for its new wine “la Rioja Alavesa” and have the space to accommodate the precise and rigorous program needed to make, store and sell their wine. They commissioned internationally-renowned architect Santiago Calatrava to create a distinctive piece of architecture to give an exceptional image to this new label.

Located within the Guggenheim Museum, the new restaurant is an homage to Frank Lloyd Wright’s celebrated design. It is designed by ‘designers to watch’, Andre Kikoski Architects. The restaurant’s opening commemorates the 50th anniversary of the museum with it’s contemporary design and mood, also assisted by British artist Liam Gillick’s gorgeous, commissioned installation.

So we’re pretty excited about this one! BARNEYS has officially joined the blogsphere with B-SIDES with a mix of fun fashion favorites, something you would expect from them of course. But the real delight is how personalized and fun their commentary is – something that makes you feel like you’re sitting, chatting with your friends about the fashion favorites you love.

FUNKY LUNCH. So everybody knows that if it doesn’t look right, you’re not going to eat it whether you’re just kid or a grownup. Funky Lunch solidifies its status into one of the internet greats. Born out of wanting to take the ordinary into something extraordinary, Funky Lunch creates wonderfully fun ideas that allows you to step past saying, “oh, just a sandwich.”

FLYLYF. This is a very cool style, design, photography, film, and tech site. Take the time to especially look through their design section, where you’ll be able to glance at a mix of what’s the latest in graphics, animation, installations, and art. Pay special attention to the photostreams, like this one from a Scottish photographer whose images are both vibrant and haunting.

JOSEPH HEIDECKER'S PHOTOFURNITURE. While it's another addition to the growing trend of apply any image or pattern along the contours of a particular product, Heidecker achieves his own spin on the trend by going the old school route of cut and paste - which has lead to an expanding collection of vintage kitchen, coffee, low tables, and a six drawer dress. The best part? Greatest use of the embarrassing yearbook photo ever.

One of the biggest stars of the fashion blogging world, his blog is hysterically fantastic and full of great commentary. You know you're doing something right when Marc Jacobs goes and names one of his great handbang - the BB ostrich bag - after you.

We love Hip Hotels with their gorgeous, gorgeous collection of galleries of some the coolest and most innovative room designs. Another reason to love them? Joining with Warner Music, Hip Hotels has launched the first of a series of albums that are based on music discovered traveling; it's aimed to share music that reflects the emotional nature of travel too.

Of course, there are albums. Of course, there are trends in fashion, design, film, etc. But we do know that it’s terribly hard sometimes to find both the time to read and to go find the perfect book for yourself. Thus, we give you something a little different to go through to make it easier.


Who says that just because we're grownups, doesn't mean we can't have our own fantastic treehouse? The Tree trunk garden house in Hilversum, Netherlands is all carved from stack of logs. Designed by Piet Hein Eek, the house is constructed at the edge of the woods. See more photos at the source.


From designer Johan Carpner, this gorgeous Glanta Lamp brings something new and refreshing into your space. The lamp is available in black, white or grey and can be mounted on a ceiling or suspended below it - which you can see at TheCoollist.

We do recommend you spend some visiting TheCoolist too - where you can find an eclectic mix of the stylish, the most innovative, and probably the best use of your browsing time should be heading to the end of your work day.

There's something for everyone - design, cars, what's the latest in fashion, and a favorite, the entertainment - like this entry on the latest (and a personal favorite, of course) Jay-Z video, On to the Next One.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Thursday is here and it's PHI Day for all of us. It's also one more day closer to the weekend, which the most exciting news so far. Today's links are from all corners of the vast and curious thing known as the Internet, from design to spaces, to the continuing NBC to last night's Idol premiere. Take a few minutes and check them out:

1. Sydney-based Christel Hadiwibawa is a furniture designer and a contributor to the The Grafik Museum blog. Working with bamboo, these pieces were part of her Honours research last year exploring sustainability.

2. There is no argument with us that American Idol continues to be a cultural phenomena. Last night, the season continued its January premiere with auditions in Atlanta. As you know the audition process is always popular, from the brilliant and the surprising and to the painfully unaware that feeds the viewers a taste of hardcore embarrassment. But if you watched last night too, you might be familiar with this clip ... pants on the ground.

3. Now, a curious piece from Design Year Book. Nestled House is a private residence in Tokyo, Japan designed by Milligram Architectural Studio. This house has won the 2008 International Architecture Award for The Best New Global Design awarded by The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design.

4. Speaking of a cultural phenomena, The NBC programming flop has erupted into such - fans are coming together online with t-shirts and Facebook and Twitter groups. We saw this week Conan's own open letter on the dispute and change. Celebrities and bloggers alike are weighing in. But the New York Times has an interesting article on what's been happening. Check it out.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Frankly, Christmas is too far away. Way too far away.

From NYC designer Matt Richmond, the iVictrola combines the technology of the early 20th century with the 21st for $400. All inspired by his love for vintage turntables and made for you and your fabulous iPod.

Even better? Hello video. Take a look at how the iVictrola works.


Marc Jacobs has named the new faces of his signature campaigns. Along with runway queen Raquel Zimmerman for his women's collection, for Marc by Marc Jacobs he's chosen British It Girl, Daisy Lowe. You may know Daisy Lowe from a variety of shoots, catwalks and advertising campaigns for Chanel, Topshop, Agent Provocateur lingere for the past three years, and has been used by Burberry, Converse, and Dr. Martens.


We want to take this time to do talk about something serious and necessary. As you know, Haiti was devastated by its first earthquake in more than han 200 years. The 7.0 quake caused tremendous damage and officials have yet to fully characterize, and the death toll may run into the thousands with hundreds missing.

So what can you do? First, do a little reading. CNN. Yahoo!News. The BBC. Each news organization is taking the time to provide updates and answers to many of our questions. It's incredibly important to keep yourself informed. Next, head over to sites like Artists for Peace and Justice and the Red Cross, where a little time and donations of any form do so much to help.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


tumblr is full of some of our favorite places, places that could really kill the time should you have a few minutes or show. But SHOELUST is the place to be on tumblr, a place where you can not only waste a few minutes but it's filled with pages and pages of a girl's other best friend -



From Cool Material, this wine rack looks like something that's stumbled out of a period film or a Monty Python skit. And yet, the most excellent part about this piece is that it stores about a dozen of your best bottles away from prying hands.


Now for a bit of a housekeeping break. There are several places to find us, of course. The PHI site is our home, a place where you can find out more about who we are and what our philosophy is.

As always, there's the blog - a place to share all things that inspire us, that make us laugh, that stir our day-to-day curiosities. And when it decides it wants to cooperate, there is our tumblr where you find a range of quick inspirations - photos and music clips, quotes and even videos to share. If you have your own tumblr account, follow us! It's a great place to share.

There's our flickr as well, where you will be able to see photos from our events and there is our Twitter, where you can follow us for a day-to-day update of things as well. And for the record? Conan O'Brien is a class-act.


Remember the pillow wig? We've now discovered something much similar and for purchase even. It's called the pillow mask, a cheeky play on the sleep masks that we all know and love. The pillow mask is reversible, should you prefer a more solid match to your room decor.

Monday, January 11, 2010


On the list of coolest Monday discoveries ever - giant disco balls.


Looking for a quick way to divide a room? A curtain is a small trick that will divide and hide a room like this cheeky curtain from artist/designer Bauke Knottnerus, shown above with a print of another room.


Of course, it's Monday and Monday is the day of the week where you expect nothing more than faulty weather reports and grocery stops that you know you should've done yesterday - it happens. But there are the little surprises in the news. Like the purported third gate crasher of the infamous state dinner - in case you didn't know, the original couple crashing the party were hoping for a little thing called screen time for their BRAVO show ... the Real Housewives of DC - but the third gate crasher claims to be invited too.

Now you know it's really Monday.

However, Dwell has a few interesting reads on their site including an article on the challenges of designing an airport, considering the large and almost impossible size (and function) it's meant to have and maintain.

Now, there's no such thing as having a completely positive experience at the airport. Holiday traveling might just be a modern re-telling of The Divine Comedy, had Dante lost all his bags and Christmas gifts. Of course, there's nothing remotely personal to a space as large as an airport or outwardly, comfortable. The article makes a point to say that the only positive part of LAX is the Theme Building, something that definitely looks like it could be apart of a sci-fi b-movie at any point.

Is it possible to even personalize such a massive space? Now, no one is perfect and controlling the foot traffic of 65 million people each year (should you be in Heathrow and traveling in that direction, of course) is just an overwhelming concept just thinking about it. There is staff, there is maintenance, and yes, the day-to-day unpredictability of 65 million people - 45 million of them, according to the article, that are really served comfortably.

But it does make you think. Are the tips that we read about and try to apply, incorporate into our homes and offices something that we can apply to something like an airport? Add a little color, the proper painting does wonders - maybe the transformation should start with the smaller things. Just food for thought.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


CES or the International Consumer Electronics Show is a trade show, not for the public, that is held in Vegas and home to previews and announcements of many new products that come out for the year.

While one can make all sorts of assumptions about these shows, from people to spaces, seeing pictures just like this one on the right are reminders that a trade show can be just as innovative and creative with the kind of space they are provided.

This year Samsung went all out and created a space for their products that looked like something out of Alice in Wonderland meets a science fiction b-film and a Kaleidoscope. Imagine standing in the middle of that crowd and looking around with total awe. Or feeling like you're on the tea cup ride at Disney World. Nevertheless, it is always a pleasure to see how anyone can take advantage of a space.