Sunday, January 24, 2010


We can't even begin to tell you how fun some of these furniture designs are from Straight Line Designs. It took a moment to study the photographs too - you think most of their pieces walked off (and I do mean walked off) Alice in Wonderland or one of the Disney films like Beauty and the Beast. But with spunk. Because they're that charming.

These pieces are well-suited for people who want to something extraordinary and fun and even a little playful. Take this little black dress cabinet - my favorite - which you can ultimately hang or place anywhere suited to you. They have a table called bad table, which earns a major grin or two.

Of course, it's not for everybody. But it does go to show that pieces for your room or office - or wherever you're looking to add them to - don't have to always be that picturesque, showpiece. If you're hoping for something with a little more personality, then this is definitely the place to investigate. (Source.)

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