Monday, January 25, 2010


It's PHI Day this Monday - usually, we meet on Thursdays but January has been a crazy month full of meetings here and there and everywhere.

Today, we're putting together proposals and color stories for some of our major projects that are coming into play. It's about putting to use all the pieces we talk about in here - cool chair? Absolutely. Fantastic colors? Right here.

But I think the most interesting part of these meeting experiences is getting to see how my two bosses work together. And let's face it - it's kind of awesome getting to see how chaotic and frenzied the creative process is. What I have to learn is how to act as a translator when I put together my piece, the piece that allows everyone else to picture it before it all comes together.

Anyways. I think the axes are pretty appropriate symbol for today, functional and cool and not just another way to earn extra points on a Scrabble board.

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