Sunday, January 31, 2010


I've always believed that the Internet (and yes, with a capital I) is a strange and vast place. And while I'd really enjoy taking the time to thank Al Gore for something, I've got other things to do.

It's always interesting to see who or what comes out of the blogging sector, if anything. There's always a curious amount of trends and memes, people that are famous for a split second and the lucky few, like Tavi, who have a legitimate place to stay in.

So I was sort of skeptical. You hear hype and think "... oh ..." with little interest or reason to motivate to check something out and maybe I was a little guilty of that, for sure. But this morning, I've spent a good chunk just reading through style rookie and being decidedly impressed by the thirteen year old wiz-kid that's clearly taken the fashion world by storm.

I think it's wonderful, without a doubt, there's this sense of ageless - however long it lasts - that is stepping into a world where standards ultimately decide the course and pace . I like that she's pretty fearless with what she has to say and it's no secret that she's really passionate about fashion. I love that she can go from talking about an array of things - colors, patterns, the odd cool jacket - to something as serious as the issues that fashion does face, like the size issue that's been in the news these days. (Do read the post.) Of course, she's just a kid and who knows what a little bit of growing may do. She's getting people curious enough to read.

The point is that she's fantastic and if you're really one to be a skeptic, I think she's one that you should make an exception for.

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