Tuesday, January 26, 2010


It's important to set rules. It's important to have goals and places to strive to. Today, we wanted to share a few things that we try and live by. Here's a great list by the ever so fantastic Frank Chimero (and do check out his blog):

1. Do something compelling. People are hungry for better. Make something better and people will notice. This is the best promotion.

2. Message dictates the proper aesthetic. Figure out what you want to say and what is important to you, then let the style follow.

3. Make hard decisions about what is important. Be ruthless. Most things aren’t important, just by the very nature of what “important” means. From this:
• Give emphasis to the important stuff.
• De-emphasize the unimportant.
• Put up barriers between you and the distracting.

4. Be picky in work relationships. Realize that agreeing to unfair circumstances not only hurts you, but your peers as well, because it pushes what is acceptable behavior in the wrong direction.

5. Talk and think about process. It’s important. Don’t worry, no one is going to steal your “secret sauce.” That only happens with recipes. And creativity isn’t a recipe.

6. Simplicity in form. Clarity in concept. Conciseness in message. Now, more than ever.

7. Learn to operate in a world of choices. Don’t paralyze yourself with analyzing opportunity costs. Think, move, assess.

8. Two things can be incongruent, yet both partially true. Making two opposing elements play nice is the germ that fuels a lot of wonderful things.

9. If you curate, add context and value. Add a perspective.

10. Feedback loops: small and tight. Inspiration sources: wide and varied.

11. Bonus idea! And, probably, the most important: substance, please.

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