Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Ever since Project Runway moved to Lifetime, Bravo has filled its lineup with an infusion of fashion oriented shows like the Rachel Zoe Project, Make Me a Supermodel and this year's, Launch my Line.

Of course, BRAVO's major success was Project Runway. There's no other way to say it. Not only did the show inspire season after season of designers, but it created a cult following of viewers that grew in every media outlet - from the papers, to other networks, to the blogs themselves.

Watching the premiere season of Launch My Line has been really fascinating, admittedly. The real essence of reality television is a formula, the secret to why Survivor is still around and shows like the Amazing Race and the Apprentice still prosper. Once you have the particular formula down and your particular audience sold, everything's gold. And the jury's still out on Launch My Line - of course, it has the big names. The hosts are the brains behind Dsquared, Dean and Dan Caten. The contestants, which is the kick, are from a variety of professions - CEO, jewelry designer, DJ, fashion writer, fashion critic (Merle Ginsberg, who is one of the Top three and has a couple of incredible pieces) - are then paired with actual designers. So it's the reverse, essentially, of PR.

But does it catch an audience? Admittedly, I only started watching because Lady Gaga was set to make an appearance and ... well, it's Lady Gaga. How can you not watch? And while yes there's a formula, the show seems to be missing a key part of what helps many of these trade reality shows succeed - a cast of characters.

There's no villain, no likeable guy. There's no conflict and really no sense of interaction between the contestants and the judges either. Then again, there can only be on Tim Gunn. So will I watch the finale? Yes, I think so. Am I excited? No, not really. It will be interesting to see if it comes back for a second season - the concept, BRAVO, is almost there.

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