Friday, January 29, 2010


Happy Friday! And hopefully, there are no crazy snow/thunder/apocalyptic moments today during rush hour. But here are this week's Friday favorites, full of things that inspire us and that we want you to go and check out:

FRANK BUCHWALD'S MACHINE LIGHTS. The series is comprised of 12 steampunk lamp designs, handmade in extremely limited quantities and that definitely look like they could have come straight from the set of Blade Runner. The main structures are made of raw brass and steel, which then are hand burnished - this creates a unique antique black and brown hue. Prices are not for the meek (from $3,800 to $5,900, and all the way up to $15,500).

HELVETICA COOKIE CUTTERS. What is really wonderful about these cookie cutters (besides the fact that they encourage cookies and cookies are, well, delicious) is that they're incredibly cool and incorporate the neat, clean lines that the Helvetica font brings to any form of design. But of course, they're cookie cutters and they bring cookies - don't worry, I haven't forgotten.

NOON STUDIO. Noon studio is a London and Avignon based design office, created by two designers, Gautier Pelegrin and Vincent Taïani. Their philosophy is all about the use of honest materials, the simplicity of execution, and forward thinking and innovation. As their site says, "a new dynamic which results from a relationship between people and physical objects." A favorite? The compas lamp, a leaning floor and wall lamp that can be moved and set to different heights. Or the tripod side table, a beautiful ceramic side table supported with birch cantilevering tripod leg system.

Jeremy Wolf is an Industrial Designer and besides doing some pretty incredibly things, he has a really cool website that you should take the time to navigate through for a few minutes. I'm in love with the re-routed radio - which Wolf says the goal of the project was to "re-purpose a conventional radio into an interesting form and interaction." His inspiration came from old mystery movies. BUT the real gem is his ACME DYNAMITE candles. And yes, the Acme from the old Looney Tunes cartoons. They're absolutely cheeky.

MASSIVE BOUNCY BALL INSTALLATION. This incredibly installation was designed by Australian artist Nike Savvas, “Full of Love and Full of Wonder” represents the very atoms that are the fundamental structural units of all things. Just gorgeous.

Furniture vandalism! No, we're completely serious. Street art meets your everyday, standard chair. They’re of all designs - some cool art, some really cheeky art, and absolutely beautiful all around. They're great for showing off and transforming any sort of room.

The new season is here! The new season is here! Damages is by far the best television show on right now, if not for the last three years. Starring Glenn Close, Rose Byrne, and Tate Donovan, the series revolves around the brilliant yet ruthless lawyer Patty Hewes (Glenn Close), her protégée Ellen Parsons (Byrne) and the law firm Hewes runs in NYC. The show is especially noted for its narrative (completely nonlinear) and season long storylines as well as the strength of its cast. Do, do, do check it out.

It’s Blitz! was definitely one of the best albums of 2009. It’s a force, from start to finish, and again, shows the tremendous presence the band has. But their videos from these albums are also a force to reckoned with – take the video for Heads will Roll which not only shows how much of a presence the incomparable Karen O has, but the knack the band has for putting on a performance. They are always colorful, always fun, and it’s always a show.

Haygarth’s design projects revolve around the collection of objects, all normally collected in large quantities; these objects are then assembled in a way that not only transforms their meaning but surprises you. The finished work can take any form such as chandeliers, installations, and functional and sculptural. Spectacle is one such project, using 1000+ pairs of discarded prescription eyeglasses that all link together into a gorgeous chandelier.

COLLETTE DINNIGAN. An Australian-based fashion designer and the first Australian designer to show during the Paris ready to wear presentations. Her RTW Spring 2010 line is stunning, full of vivid colors that are ready for spring and all about showing off shoulders.

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