Tuesday, January 19, 2010


We love Matt Brown, an Interaction Designer/Industrial Designer who explores and chronicles all his projects on his site. Like this one.

Now this blogger is old-school. At any given time, glancing into her purse, you can find at least four notebooks. It's the feeling, reader, of having your pen scraping against the paper, ink staining your fingertips (or pencil if you're ridiculously hardcore), and then looking back at what you wrote either feeling incredibly proud ... or utterly dismayed.

We could go on and on romanticizing, but instead we're going to talk about this notebook. Slanted lines? Well, think about the airport or being in the car - how ridiculously uncomfortable is it to write in either or? First, you have to sit next to an absolute stranger on the plane and be completely mindful of your space. You know you're in trouble should you accidentally elbow your fellow passenger - now, it could be because they've fallen asleep on you, you're actually an extra on a Jennifer Aniston romantic comedy (or the unfortunate viewer of her Golden Globes dress) or ... well, you could go on.

The point is that this notebook, the slanted notebook, is great, accessible, and perfect for those tight spots. Which is just a total bonus. The lines are angled should you need to maneuver - and let's face it, elbow accidents happen all the time.

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