Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Any time Apple has a new product release, there's always some sort of mix of excitement, curiosity, and well, let's be honest, price anxiety.

The iPad, the latest of the tablet releases, resembles a giant iPhone. Steve Jobs says it's better for everything - reading books, playing games, and watching videos than both a laptop or a smart phone.

But back to price anxiety.

It costs a grand total of $499. Now, Apple is fantastic. Everything is clean, functional, and if there's a problem, they do know how to take care of you as the customer. That's why there's that awesome thing called the genius bar. But if you can remember when the iPhone debuted, the price was equivalent to selling your soul and an arm and leg. So much so that Apple did eventually slash the price down.

The question is this though - will you be purchasing the shiny new iPad?

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