Friday, January 15, 2010


Happy long weekend, readers! Hopefully, today's warm temperatures and Project Runway reruns on BRAVO mean it's going to be a long, if not relaxing kind of weekend. We hope that you might find something special this weekend that will kick some inspiration into gear. So to start us off, here are few of our favorite things for the week!

With its tagline at home in the modern world, DWELL’s website is an excellent, eclectic mix of product recommendations, insights into assorted home renovations and creations, events, people, and places. Pay special attention their ideas section, where DWELL offers a range of perspectives that are organized by topic and room for easy accessibility.

The winery is located north of the classic wine-growing region of La Rioja in the province of Álava, Spain. Bodegas y Bebidas, is one of the largest groups in the region, and wanted a building that would be an icon for its new wine “la Rioja Alavesa” and have the space to accommodate the precise and rigorous program needed to make, store and sell their wine. They commissioned internationally-renowned architect Santiago Calatrava to create a distinctive piece of architecture to give an exceptional image to this new label.

Located within the Guggenheim Museum, the new restaurant is an homage to Frank Lloyd Wright’s celebrated design. It is designed by ‘designers to watch’, Andre Kikoski Architects. The restaurant’s opening commemorates the 50th anniversary of the museum with it’s contemporary design and mood, also assisted by British artist Liam Gillick’s gorgeous, commissioned installation.

So we’re pretty excited about this one! BARNEYS has officially joined the blogsphere with B-SIDES with a mix of fun fashion favorites, something you would expect from them of course. But the real delight is how personalized and fun their commentary is – something that makes you feel like you’re sitting, chatting with your friends about the fashion favorites you love.

FUNKY LUNCH. So everybody knows that if it doesn’t look right, you’re not going to eat it whether you’re just kid or a grownup. Funky Lunch solidifies its status into one of the internet greats. Born out of wanting to take the ordinary into something extraordinary, Funky Lunch creates wonderfully fun ideas that allows you to step past saying, “oh, just a sandwich.”

FLYLYF. This is a very cool style, design, photography, film, and tech site. Take the time to especially look through their design section, where you’ll be able to glance at a mix of what’s the latest in graphics, animation, installations, and art. Pay special attention to the photostreams, like this one from a Scottish photographer whose images are both vibrant and haunting.

JOSEPH HEIDECKER'S PHOTOFURNITURE. While it's another addition to the growing trend of apply any image or pattern along the contours of a particular product, Heidecker achieves his own spin on the trend by going the old school route of cut and paste - which has lead to an expanding collection of vintage kitchen, coffee, low tables, and a six drawer dress. The best part? Greatest use of the embarrassing yearbook photo ever.

One of the biggest stars of the fashion blogging world, his blog is hysterically fantastic and full of great commentary. You know you're doing something right when Marc Jacobs goes and names one of his great handbang - the BB ostrich bag - after you.

We love Hip Hotels with their gorgeous, gorgeous collection of galleries of some the coolest and most innovative room designs. Another reason to love them? Joining with Warner Music, Hip Hotels has launched the first of a series of albums that are based on music discovered traveling; it's aimed to share music that reflects the emotional nature of travel too.

Of course, there are albums. Of course, there are trends in fashion, design, film, etc. But we do know that it’s terribly hard sometimes to find both the time to read and to go find the perfect book for yourself. Thus, we give you something a little different to go through to make it easier.

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