Thursday, January 14, 2010


Thursday is here and it's PHI Day for all of us. It's also one more day closer to the weekend, which the most exciting news so far. Today's links are from all corners of the vast and curious thing known as the Internet, from design to spaces, to the continuing NBC to last night's Idol premiere. Take a few minutes and check them out:

1. Sydney-based Christel Hadiwibawa is a furniture designer and a contributor to the The Grafik Museum blog. Working with bamboo, these pieces were part of her Honours research last year exploring sustainability.

2. There is no argument with us that American Idol continues to be a cultural phenomena. Last night, the season continued its January premiere with auditions in Atlanta. As you know the audition process is always popular, from the brilliant and the surprising and to the painfully unaware that feeds the viewers a taste of hardcore embarrassment. But if you watched last night too, you might be familiar with this clip ... pants on the ground.

3. Now, a curious piece from Design Year Book. Nestled House is a private residence in Tokyo, Japan designed by Milligram Architectural Studio. This house has won the 2008 International Architecture Award for The Best New Global Design awarded by The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design.

4. Speaking of a cultural phenomena, The NBC programming flop has erupted into such - fans are coming together online with t-shirts and Facebook and Twitter groups. We saw this week Conan's own open letter on the dispute and change. Celebrities and bloggers alike are weighing in. But the New York Times has an interesting article on what's been happening. Check it out.


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