Friday, April 23, 2010


Happy Friday everyone! And happy birthday William Shakespeare. If only the sun decided to stay outside, the weather would be weekend ready. But until then, please enjoy some of our favorite things this week. And I'll try not to include something about hills and music. Can't promise anything.

ANTHROPOLOGIE. It's virtually impossible to walk into this store and not walk out with something, be it the legions and legions of gorgeous pieces (dresses for me, thank you very much, and the odd cardigan, of course) or their home accessories. It's not just the big things either; the little odds and ends, the coffee table books and the notebooks, the stationary and a knob that you never intended to get, walking inside, but do anyway. There's something so charming about the store, at any location, that you can't help but fall in love with everything. It's like my sister said today, "imagine if this were your closet - " and I do, I promise you, I do, I do, I do.

THE NATIONAL - HIGH VIOLET. I promised myself that I was going to go and try to hold out onto talking about this until its release - and I will, rest assured. But today, right after you read the rest of the favorites, you better march over to the NYTimes so that you can stream the National's new album. 1) You will not be disappointed. 2) You will not not be disappointed. 3) You will not be disappointed.

CYNTHIA VINCENT FOR TARGET. The best part about the warmer weather, or the sunny days, are the impossibly cute shoes that seem to come out just at the peak of the change. Personally, I'm not a wedge person. But the gladiator wedge sandals? So adorable, and while the Target I went to, who shall remain nameless, didn't have my size, they looked ridiculously comfortable.

MOBSTR. British graffiti artist mobstr recently had a pretty funny exchange with the Newcastle City Council, who painted over his stenciled statements directed at them. Check them out, they're fantastic.

LOUBOUTIN. THAT'S RIGHT. Commissions from photographer Khuong Nguyen are used in the new F/W Louboutin collection. Not only is her work gorgeous, but there's something really charming about it. A favorite? The Alice in Wonderland inspired piece.

WANTS AND NEEDS. Artist Erin Hanson organizes her needs and wants in a series of really fun illustrated posters.

BLIK. Blik has just announced its new partnership with 2x4, Inc, an award-winning design firm, on a design collaborative for some really great wall prints. Explore the site too, when you get a chance; there are some really great products.

FOR YOU, A WEAVE. From Dutch Design Week, designer Christian Kocx presented a series of non-woven chairs, lamps, and bowls, all unwanted bits of plastic from an injection moulding machine.

KATHARINE HARVEY. Toronto artist Katharine Harvey does some incredible work with recycled plastics, creating large scale installations that will absolutely blow your mind. Take a minute to go through her site. Harvey takes her inspiration from water and its obvious moment; it's really fascinating to see.

THE GREATEST PARTY ON EARTH. Remember guys tomorrow is the Greatest Party on Earth! PHI is super excited for the event. Tickets are still on sale for the event and we hope that we get to see you there.

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