Monday, April 26, 2010


Thanks to everyone who came out and joined us at Saturday's fantastic Greatest Party on Earth at AFH's Epi Center. PHI had so much fun at the event with great music, great food and drinks, and overall, seeing everyone else have a great, great time at the event.

Take a look at some photos from Saturday, from before the party started - which you know, of course, if you follow us on Twitter, is a really fun time. It's always interesting too to see the difference between how everything looks in the daylight only to get to really see the finishing touches when the party's in full swing, the lights are low, and it's really a true, almost magical experience.

This year's theme was water, and it great to be able to play with the different interpretations; whether it was through the displays of wildlife, from dolphins to jellyfish, to the importance of conservation, putting to use things like plastic bottle ends to create something as magnificent as the center piece of the Sponsor tent, the chandelier.

Yours truly ended up buying a really great painting for her apartment that hangs over the ever-so fabulous reading chair. It was really great to be there, at the party, and get a chance to support AFH and their great work.

Check out more of our photos at our flickr and we hope to see everybody again soon!

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