Friday, February 5, 2010


This weekend, just because it's ungodly cold and the feeling in your toes is non-existent, doesn't mean you can't go and enjoy a little something. Pancakes, for example. Everybody loves pancakes. But for now, we want you to enjoy our Friday favorites, full of some of the things we find fantastically inspiring. Stay warm!

LOST BOOKS. There is television and then there’s LOST – and there’s not enough time in the day to talk about LOST. What needs to be said is this: for its last and final season, which premiered Tuesday, there are heads already spinning and mass discussions of “what happened?!” (LOST can and might be an entire full and separate entry later, once the heads do stop spinning – if ever) and if anything, theories and spoilers are too much of an addiction. Instead, we bring you a list of the books that are read through out the show – a cool, if not mind-blowing list for the book nerd in you that brings a whole different level to speculation.

Taking on food and fashion, luxiarare offers a gorgeous way of marrying the two together on her blog. From the latest to her favorites to her own stunning (chain jacket, oh my god!) creations, each of these images is perfectly selected to burn into your brain the moment you stumble onto them.

IDEAS ON LEGS. The brainchild of Bill Hess, an artist, product designer, engineer, and teacher, this recycled glass topiary installation was a project that he did for the 2009 NEXT Art Fair as part of Art Chicago – and just a really cool way of putting to us your leftover beer bottles! Watch the video, at the source, to see how it all came together.

SOMEECARDS. When we talk guilty pleasures, someecards is definitely one of those guilty pleasures. For cheeky, if not sharp, e-cards (and assorted store items, mind you) someecards is that perfect place to find a card for that special someone should you be miles and miles away from them, possibly in another country and with terrible cell service – mostly it’s for a great laugh.

FISS. This is a really great group of lighting objects by designer Rui Alves with a nice combination of bright colors and the pure beauty of wood; fully function and could very well add a cool twist to any space.

GREGOIRE ALEXANDRE. You may recognize some of the French photographer Gregoire Alexandre’s work from advertisements such as this one from Absolut Vodka. His vibrant photography takes theatrical elements into dynamic composition to make incredible photos.

UK-based designers Miles Hartwell and Matt Withington taking inspiration from the spinning coin – it has ten blades that shuffle right back to reveal a stone surface that holds all of your appliances and accessories which help you cook. Open or closed, the cabinet looks like a sculpture or piece of art!

THE LOOPS BENCH. From American designer Aaron Asedo, who had this to say about his creation, “Loops was designed to fill a void in today’s market – knock down furniture that appears to be a one-off piece of art. Inspired by bungee jumping, Loops was ergonomically tested to provide form and function with an aesthetic made from 2/8 rubber cordstock, 1/2 in PETG plastic and maple wood. The piece was created to fit inside a UPS shipping box.”

While it does look simple and plain in design, the fact that it's "sinking" right into the table like the famous ship did into the sea so many years ago is just ingenious. The lamp is made of lacquered wood with a cotton and steel shade, and it does turn on to provide light so it appears more like a normal lamp that just happens to be sinking. Available in white only from Viable London.

PEARL JAM, JUST BREATHE. After this week, we’re letting the song and video speaking for itself. Beautiful song, brilliant band. Enjoy.

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