Monday, February 22, 2010


If someone asked me to describe The Donkey Show in a hundred words or less, I would simply say, "just go buy a ticket!" or somehow try to form a mathematical equation involving disco classics, Shakespeare, dancing and glitter - which, by the way, former college professors? You've been put on notice. This is how Shakespeare should be.

There's no real way to explain what the show is without just telling someone to go and see it. The Donkey Show, directed by Diane Paulus, tells the story of A Midsummer Night’s Dream through the great 70s anthems. Some of these classics include “We are Family,” “I Love the Nightlife,” “Car Wash,” “Ring My Bell,” and “Last Dance.” It's the enchanted forest of Shakespeare’s classic comedy and it comes to life the glittered world of retro disco as the lovers escape from their real lives to experience a night of fantasy. From the moment of your arrival to the very last song, you and the rest of the crowd-goers are dancing, dancing, dancing. And I know what you're thinking - an interactive show means some sort of dinner theatre which is so not the case. If you're inclined to just watch, you can do just that. But the energy of the Donkey Show is both riveting and so visceral there's just no way you can stand still.

So every Friday and Saturday night, at the Oberon, you can head out and see the show. The pre-show (pre-dancing!) starts at 7:30 while the show itself starts at 8. The best news? The tour has been extended through the summer - you now have no excuse to not go and see it.

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