Friday, January 8, 2010


It's Friday! It's Friday! It's also eight days into the new year and it's time we give you a list of a few of our favorite things.

1. GLUTEN-FREE GIRLAND THE CHEF. A really wonderful food blog, complete with recipes, stories, tips, and alternative links to other sites. Gluten-free allergies? This site is for you – just because you have an allergy, doesn’t mean that food can’t be a delicious experience for you.

2. LUXURY TEEPEES IN THE YUKON. It takes a little planning, a little luck, and a little bit of boldness to find something like this. These luxury teepes are just some of the options from Perfect Earth Tours. As for the specifics on the Teepees: “Each of our guest Teepees are furnished with two queen sized luxury beds and bedding. We exclusively use mattresses, bedding’s, linen and accessories from the worlds most luxurious organic suppliers. The rooms also include an individual sitting and reading area, a fireplace center piece, personal dresser, original art, complimentary stocked bar, a variety of non - alcoholic drinks, a vanity table, two DVD players with wireless headsets, satellite radio and wireless internet access.”

3. THE ALPHABET CHAIR. American contemporary artist Joseph Kosuth, One and Three Chair, designer Eric Ku has taken the concept of a chair and completely redesigned it – by using the alphabet. It’s done by assembling the redesigned alphabets: C, H, A, I, R. The Alphabet Chair, part of the 'Mission Redefinition' project, is a series of exercise with each exercise explore the idea of redefinition to a series of subjects through the application of design.

4. RYAN MASTRO PHOTOGRAPHY. Local Boston photographer, famous shows – Ryan Mastro has shot great bands in incredible moments. See the White Stripes. Radiohead. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Definitely take a moment to go through his portfolio.

5. BLOOMACIOUS. As the “editorial expression” of the firm, Leber Media Group, a PR and marketing company focused on design, BLOOMACIOUS focuses food, interiors, architecture, furniture, and even gardening. Incredibly charming, the blog offers a variety of insights on each topic, full of images and ideas where readers could turn when they needed inspiration.

6. TERRY RICHARDSON. Famous for his colorful and provocative photography, Terry Richardson has shot anyone and everyone from Daniel Day Lewis to Leonardo DiCaprio, Vincent Gallo, Tom Ford, Jay Z, Kanye West, Johnny Knoxville, Karl Lagerfeld, Pharell Williams and many others. He’s also done shoots for Gucci, Sisley, Miu Miu, Chloe, and his editorial work has appeared in magazines such as French Vogue, British Vogue, i-D, GQ, Harper's Bazaar and Purple. His site is equally interesting, especially his collection aptly titled “Mom” – check it out.

7. DIGITALLY FABRICATED BOOKSHELF BY DBD STUDIO. Like books? Me too. Love books? So do I. Check out this large birch plywood shelf by dbd Studio. Call it a functional art piece!

8. D&G TIME 2009. Fashion powerhouse D&G has never shied away pushing boundaries when it comes to advertising their line. The ad for their new line of watches is no different; a coy play on Victorian sexuality, the new, racy ad shows a woman stumbling into a discovery of a ménage a trios. So while Levi’s Go Forth ads showcase a new desire to appeal to a different kind of audience, what does D&G say? And how much is really too much? It’s another food for thought.

9. FASHIONISTA. Great, great fashion blog that is sure to entertain you for a few hours. It offers everything from tips to a range of celebrity odds and ends (because you know you want to know what's up in the Hause of Gaga) to great articles - the commentary is smart and very funny.

10. BEST OF INTERIOR DESIGN. The wonderful thing about FLICKR is that it offers a range of networking groups - want to show photos of your street lamps (it happens), there's a group for you. Want to find people who also take photos of parking lots? Yeah ... there's a group for you too. But BEST OF INTERIOR DESIGN offers a range of photos, from people who want to share the renovations and redesigning of their bedrooms to professional spaces to even people who want to show elements and things that inspire them as well.


Anonymous said...

The foundation for all great design should be to get your facts straight - Luxury teepees in the Yukon was someone's wet dream. It never happened.


Anonymous -

Favorite things are meant to be about links that we find cool or inspiring or interesting ... and the link is provided so that you, our readers, can explore them should you want to investigate a little further.

carrie leber said...

thanks for the shout out! what a nice surprise to mention our blog. Best wishes in 2010 :-)