Friday, December 18, 2009


Television. The very bane of our existence, with the abundance of reality-based shows, to your grandma's stories, and the very few series that makeup the always changing primetime face.

Of course, we really don't think about commercials until the Superbowl, where it's about who has the funniest ad or the coolest, or the ever-favorite most expensive that leaves everybody talking for days - mostly with "What were they thinking?" as the first question on their minds.

So very rarely, we stumble upon an actual commercial that is both intelligent and sharp as the two spots running from the new Levi's ad campaign from Wieden & Kennedy.

Arguably, it might be too intelligent and too romantic for the masses. People are mostly uninterested in any commercial, too impatient and wanting very much to get back to their shows. But there's something about these two spots that have make you stop and watch, and with such a brilliant use of color and language and mood, the campaign is nothing short of being visually stunning. For sure, it embraces the iconic spirit of the Levi's brand.

And let's be honest. Sometimes it's just nice to stop and watch.

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EM said...

Michelle!!! Love this site, thank you for it and for posting these ads, which I have never seen.


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