Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Word to the wise - when hungry, do not surf the internet looking at food blogs especially when most of them haven't taken down their holiday baking recipes, tips, and tinsel-happy posts. It's like going to the dentist and then after, somebody puts a great piece of chocolate in front of you.

I know.

But if you're not hungry, and you've got a little of time, Orangette is a great site to visit for a recipe or two. Or three. Maybe four. Like the plum crumble. Something that looks delicious on screen (and you hope off screen too, of course, pending any kitchen meltdowns and fire alarms) and something that's sure to impress if you give yourself a little time and want to make the effort for friends. Good friends.

Another recipe that you might want to try? Chilled Peaches in White Wine.

Orangette, however, isn't the only food blog on the internet doing great things. There's Brownie Points and for those of you struggling to find delicious gluten-free recipes, Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef is just a really wonderful, warm, and thoughtful blog - complete with recipes, stories, recommendations, and other links.

It's great to have a few places to start, a few more places to snoop around, and, you know, links to make you hungry on a day like today.

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