Thursday, June 17, 2010


So, okay. You continue to win me over, Work of Art. I mean, if anything, you can't argue that seeing some part of someone's creative process is ultimately one of the most fascinating things ever. It's the positive side of reality television (although, one can launch into an entire tirade about why it isn't, etc, etc) and I think for me, personally, there's just something great about seeing a show like this providing a platform for art and allowing it to have a much more public forum.

And of course, they bring in Jon Kessler and my love of this show continues to grow. Anyway this week's challenge is to make an interesting sculpture out of found objects - or well, junk. The studio erupts in a really form of contained chaos where you're suddenly seeing who's really taking the idea to heart, how they understand it, and who's struggling. I wonder sometimes how time really plays into this - think about, a television show is cut and edited so that we, the audience, are drawn into this crazy web of suspense. There's no time limit to art, but then again, we're only at the second episode and we've barely scratched the surface what's apparently ahead.

It also further convinces me that Nilda and Michelle could do a show like this and make everybody else eat their dust. I know, I know. Bias meet readers. Readers meet my bias. I don't want to spoil anyone who hasn't seen the episode, but Jerry Saltz continues to be my favorite judge, probably since he reminds me a little bit of my mother and because his blog is hysterical. And this week's winners are interesting picks as well as the artist who ends up going home and who, now thinking about it, I can imagine myself seeing his piece at the ICA and just shrugging my shoulders - despite my reaction of OMGREALLYWTF? In that order.

And by the way? I still want China Chow's closet.

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