Tuesday, June 8, 2010


So. Alejandro. It premiered today. I feel like this should be the extent of what to say. Watch it, decide what you want to think - love it, hate it, you'd rather dance to it than watch the video. And let's be honest, say what you will about Gaga, but while MTV continues to murder the music video, this girl's bringing the music video back and making it something else to talk about. For sure.

The video is directed by famed photographer Steven Klein, who's done some incredible work within the fashion world and known for his collaborative work with Madonna. Like Telephone, the video is presented as a mini-epic of the sorts, running over eight minutes long and drawing on both religious and political themes. There are Madonna references, of course. We can analyze and overanalyze Lady Gaga, of course, pinpointing different tributes and style choices. We can simply say it's a great song. But the thing to do right now, just right now, is to watch it.

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