Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Today PHI is at the South End Buttery, which kind of acts as our unofficial meeting place. So if you're looking for us, stop by and say hi. We're usually somewhere in the back, monopolizing as many tables as we possibly can.

But with all this excitement about our Photo Show and brainstorming about some cool ways to display our photographers, I've stumbled upon (thanks, tumblr!) the work of Alexa Meade. Meade is a painter based out of Washington, DC who uses acrylics to create a living, breathing painting. She paints directly on human flesh which creates this incredible illusion of a painting. It's an interesting way of looking at art, how one creates and pushes perception.

Also, starting Wednesday is BRAVO's Work of Art. Think Top Chef meets Project Runway meets ... well, this is a BRAVO show. The cool thing about BRAVO is that it provides opportunities for showcasing creativity that we, as a television audience, aren't traditionally exposed. The bad thing about BRAVO? The Real Housewives. Even though I watch it. Everybody needs a moment for mindless television.

The thing is that this show may a really neat and interesting way of allowing art and the art world to have the same kind of exposure that say Project Runway gave to the fashion world when it started. Will it work? I don't know. I think BRAVO has the formula down and the ability to generate the buzz with big names like Sarah Jessica Parker being attached to the series, but the real question is will it find an audience for the kind of longevity that this deserves. Will you be watching?

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