Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I know what you're thinking. SPIDERS! Gross. Can you imagine getting that in your hair?

But don't worry, there are no spiders roaming around and terrorizing people. The picture to your left is actually tape. Yes, tape. Tape as in the thing you use to overwrap your holiday gifts with. Or you know, that package that your grandparents send you and you can never open? That's the stuff, tape not spiders.

The Viennese/Croatian design collective For Use/Numen has installed this at least three different times and uses nothing but packing tape to create these huge, self-supporting cocoons that visitors can climb into and explore. At their last installation, the group also used nearly 117,000 feet and 100 pounds of tape - which is a lot of tape.

Says For Use's Christoph Katzler, "The installation is based on an idea for a dance performance in which the form evolves from the movement of the dancers between the pillars. The dancers are stretching the tape while they move, so the resulting shape is a recording of the choreography." There's video at the source.

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