Tuesday, June 15, 2010


If you're in the South End this weekend, and heading to the Open Markets, be sure to take some time to visit Galería Cubana, a contemporary Cuban art gallery.

I went with Nilda a few weeks ago, mostly out of curiosity and mostly because I really love art. There's this additional need in me as well, to know more about the Cuban heritage of my family, primarily on my father and his family - but in any capacity that I can.

The gallery's intention is simple: introduce artwork rarely seen in the United States as well as supporting artists from the island; it's very cool way of strengthening the cultural ties that we have with Cuba. The current show is the work of Orestes Gaulhiac. Gaulhiac was born in Santiago de Cuba in 1960 and is an internationally acclaimed painter and ceramist, who is recognized for his tremendous body of work, technique, and eclectic style. He's mostly influenced by the countryside that he grew up on; the play of colors are kind of magical in that sense, both dark and then bright. It was really wonderful be able to see these pieces. The exhibit wraps up on the 27th, but visit their website for further information about present and upcoming artists that they support as well as coming shows.

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