Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Don't let the weather get you down. Or melt you - which more than likely to happen first, before it gets you down, for sure.

A few design tibits:

iPad + Velcro goes to show you that a little velcro goes a long way, whether you're trying to install some abnormally large installation or simply take advantage of the fact that you have an iPad and well, let's be honest, want to show it off.

FIT is hosting Eco Fashion: Go Green which is an exhibit that explores fashion's relationship with the environment. The term "eco-fashion" refers to the work of designers who use, produce, and otherwise promote sustainable, ethical, and environmentally-conscious products. It's still a contemporary practice, a very contemporary practice, but it's something relevant and necessary to explore with fashion's continuously changing face.

And we'll call these magic tiles, which are tiles designed in mind of how to recover heat loss, or energy loss, by being covered in thermo-chromic acid ink that reacts to heat. Read more here. It's pretty fantastic.

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