Thursday, May 20, 2010


Remember in grade school when you had to write those essays that always started with a quote? It was usually followed by an "examine this." and "please explain why this passage of this obscure, random bit of dialogue is useful to the plight of the protagonist ..." - oh, yeah. That was college.

But Frank Chimero posted this quote from Rob Giampietro -

"Pizza is design."

Now, I could go and says something unapologetically cheesy like "reflect on this." and "please explain why, not using any BRAVO show as an example, this quote is relevant to anything we do..." because that would go over the text limit. But this a great quote, such a great quote, and really kind of a cool reflection of what we at PHI hold as our philosophy. Creativity is limitless and if anything, should be embraced in all capacities and forms. It's powerful and transformative. You can find design in anything. Including that pizza that sitting in front of you because you're too lazy to cook - and will definitely regret in the morning.

So instead of pizza, I give you something even better -

Frank Chimero's Text List is an assorted list of really cool links to essays and pieces that explore the nature of design in all disciplines. What I love most about Chimero's blog is that he always displays a thoughtful approach in what he writes and shares with his readers, and this list is no different - check it out.

WSJ has a really great article on Valentino and the evolving face of the brand, how it is being reinterpreted and branded to face the changes in the fashion industry.

And The Design Observer Group talks about the new film Please Give, starring Catherine Keener, which examines the question of how to live within our means, and all avenues that affect it.

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