Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Open letters are a lost art. Letter writing in general is a lost art, but that's another time, another place, and a larger latte during the day, a day where the final episode before the LOST finale airs. I digress.

But you know what I'm talking about. Those letters, the ones that you feel like writing to the universe ever-so often - or, sometimes, at the end of the week:

"Dear Universe,

I know it's the city. But if you're going to stage a drunk guy outside my window, please don't have him sing "In the Navy" at four o'clock in the morning. Maybe he takes requests next time?


True story. Anyhow, Dear Meat is one of those reasons why I love letters, and why blogging is such a unique facet of our lives. It's a daily drop into the open letters that a lot of people write, that you may want to write, and definitely something to make you laugh. Check it out.

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