Friday, May 7, 2010


We here at PHI would really love to wish all the mums a wonderful Mother's Day weekend. It's an important weekend, everyone, and make sure that you that you take the time to give a little something to that incredible person in your life.

It's an interesting group of Friday Favorites this week. The stunning photo to your left is from Michelle's personal stash and it's not just anyfavorite, but also a great way to let everybody know that there will be some news regarding a future show. So definitely look out for that.

NEW BRAHMIN. We love these Boston gurus New Brahmin, where you can go to find the latest news in everything fabulous and fashion-forward. Looking for a great local source? This is where it's at. Such a refreshing look at style with quirk and personality - a personal favorite of yours truly. Check out their featured editorial!

ALL THAT GOLD. One day, there will be someone who will be able to explain the deep root of my fascination with gold and sparkles - and the occasional happy medium of both. Like designer Tom Dixon's Etch lamps. Dixon is known for how he deals with the physical and economical constraints of production, being inspired by the process himself. It's a love affair with shape and structure and simply gorgeous.

ART THAT WAS ONCE ALIVE. Well, I don't know. The New York Time's Sciene page is every bit the hit and miss with me sometimes. Then I found this slideshow. Think Ripley's Believe it or Not ... except with an artistic twist? There's some incredible pieces in here, I will say. Fabián Peña's The Impossibility of Storage for the Soul I (Self-Portrait) is pretty incredible as is Marc Swanson's Untitled (Antler Pile), which says so much for interpretation. Check it out. But during daylight. Seriously.

MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU. As I was only exposed to the unfortunate prequels of the series first, my reaction to Tuesday's #starwars trending on Twitter was more amused than anything else. So happy belated Stars Wars day (get it - may the fourth be with you? I know, I know. I was thinking that too.) and check out Chepo Peña's Space Loteria - a combination of the tradition Mexican Bingo game with illustrated cards and classic Star Wars characters. It's very Lucas, filled with puns and sorts, but pretty cool as well.

BIRCHWOOD OFFICE. Almost didn't want to share these because they're that fantastic. From Netherlands designer Werner Neumann, this armour looks as if it marched right out of a Dali painting or perhaps through the looking glass. The wood detail is gorgeous.

BETTER HOUSING. Often, we tend not to think about how award statues are designed because most of the awards that really stand out in our minds are either entertainment classics - a la the Oscars, the Emmys - or Olympic oriented like this year's Vancouver 2010 medals. But Noah Scalin of Another Limited Rebellion created probably my favorite award trophies of the year. Better Housing Coalition's Groundbreaker Awards honors four incredible people for their contributions to the community in Richmond, VA. Read more about his process here.

d~luxelist. Another great blog to add to your reading list? d~luxelist is responsible for the major of the things that I've fallen in love with this spring. Like French designer Vanessa Bruno's satchel or this silk tee by Bensoni. I haven't found anything that I haven't liked yet.

THE CARTIER LOVE BRACELET. Always a classic, and a gorgeous one at that - The love bracelet is a signature piece from Cartier. The bracelet quickly became popular for its provocative resemblance to a medieval chasity belt.

And lastly, to end on a fantastic note, these birds by PARRA. The not so happy bird is just a charming gift to maybe give this Mother's Day. Check it out!

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