Friday, April 2, 2010


We apologize for the late Friday Favorites. It takes a little bit of a beautiful day and a little bit of technological troubles for a tiny delay. So we at PHI would love to wish you and yours a Happy Easter! Enjoy this week's favorite things.

IT'S A SHARPIE TRANSFORMATION. Tell your mom that they're not just for your underwear and camping labels anymore. Rodarte, in their S/S 2010 Ready-To-Wear Collection, used the markers to accent their models with hand-drawn body art and tattoos. If it's hip, it's here has some great photos of the process - definitely check them out.

75 YEARS OF FILM. Despite my on-going, personal love-hate relationship with FOX and their film and television releases, they are doing a really cool thing for their seventy-fifth anniversary. You can go and claim one of their limited edition posters which feature a range of their classic films. It's pretty cool promotion, that's for sure.

GRAF BY SUCCESSFUL LIVING. From Diesel with Foscarini, this lamp focuses on a narrative using humorous and iconic images on the shade. You are able to see perspectives from a pilot's cockpit or even a dj deck. There are the classsic floral theme as well; but there is something to the black and white, to the style that it definitely envokes.

FORMSPRING. The internet! The internet! It's a vast and confusing place that really should be made into a Disney movie. But every once in awhile, excluding the cool things that one learns to look for, you do find the occasional surprise. FORMSPRING is like a giant, global Q&A that anybody can sign up for and anybody can share with their friends. This is the part, of course, where you're thinking, "oh, okay, right - " but you can actually search for people, be it your favorite actor or magazine or what have you. Think internet coffee date.

THE T SHELF. By J1studio - the name is an abbreviation for Triangle shelf, a unique shelving system that can be setup around your furniture or hang solo against the wall. It's interesting play on lines and just a really neat way to reorganize and organize your things.

THE YEAR OF ALICE. It's safe to say that one of this year's biggest themes - in all mediums - is Alice in Wonderland. Sometimes it's been of larger scale, say film and the window installations of some of our favorite stores. And sometimes it's been of the smaller scale, like these really fun Salt & Pepper shakers from Imm Living, a design group you most definitely should check out.

5 IN 1 DRESS. The tencel jersey dress can be worn in five different ways; like sleeveless with the sleeves tired in the front or the back waist. It's a great color and perfect for the changing weather for sure.

LIGHT IT UP. These are great. There's no other way around it. The ottomans light up, bringing the light from the ground up and creating this really great, really soft glow. They're perfect for an event or a great evening wedding. Check them out!

THE SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL PALACE. Designer Tokujin Yoshioka's latest project in lighting is a spherical illuminated mass of cut crystal. It's modeled after a star and the design itself is driven by using the emotive medium of cut crystal. It's really gorgeous.

MICHAEL BUBLE BEING ... stalked by a Velociraptor. Or, you know, where's Waldo with a dinosaur. Sometimes the internet is good for a lot of laughs. Upon searching for things for our Friday Favorites, sometimes I meet hits and I meet misses. First this was going to be a miss and then I decided to look through it, ultimately finding myself laughing and amused. And while something like FORMSPRING is ultimately useful, this is so not. But know this: it's exactly what it says.

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