Monday, April 26, 2010


WHAT YOU SHOULD BE WATCHING. HBO's The Pacific is the pseudo-follow up to the 2001 mini-series Band of Brothers. You know, Tom Hanks. Steven Spielberg.

BUT WHY SHOULD I WATCH THIS? You should watch it because it's brilliant, and if you're familiar with Band of Brothers, you know that the Pacific is just as amazingly shot - sometimes colorful, sometimes dark, sometimes amazingly bleak. It follows the lives of several soldiers including Robert Leckie and Eugene Sledge, whose memories were used as part of the series. It's brutally honest and sometimes, like this week's part eight, it's very hard to watch. But what makes it different than Band of Brothers? This series dives into the personal lives of these soldiers, how they got there, how they went home, the friendships they made and had to made in order to survive. Of course, as viewer, the extent of what happened to them will never truly understood but as a viewer, as one living in a time where war is very much a part of our lives in many, many ways, it's something that needs to be seen. And it's another reason why we learn that all good shows, with brilliant writing, head over to HBO.

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