Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I'm ... I don't want to say hesitant because I'm not, but when it comes to body image, I think I'm still learning about how to talk about it. But I haven't been ignoring this story, and you know the story, the one where FOX and ABC pulled Lane Bryant ads for lingerie that feature plus-sized models doing what Victoria Secret's models do best ... wear underwear. And let's be honest, you can figure that for every hour of major, prime time television, there's a VS secret ad or two. It's just the truth.

Of course, it's a polarizing argument. Of course the networks don't comment or apologize or say, "hey, that wasn't our intention ..." etc, etc, etc. But at time where girls, where women of all ages where you're in your twenties or your sixties, struggle with things like weight and size, feeling great about yourself, wanting to feel beautiful and sexy regardless of whether or not it's a great top or that fantastic black dress ... these things don't help. Yes, okay, there's a lot of work to be done regarding food choices and exercise, but sometimes, most times, people don't talk about that additional side. To the point where you hear these stories and you don't get angry, you don't get sad, but you get it. You start to see why it's hard, why it's a struggle to maintain a confidence in your own shape, in your own self. There's no support and when there's the support, it's often angry and jaded, it gets lost in the hoopla of who did what and why. And even the articles, like the MSNBC one, make a reader go "..."

There just needs to be a bottom line declaration. It doesn't make any of this right. It really doesn't. So to FOX and ABC, I've read the comments and the articles, I've even seen the news talk about you too. You made a stupid decision. You should be kicking yourself in the butt.

You need to know this though. You're not going to sell me on what's beautiful to me. It doesn't work that way. (IMAGE.)

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