Friday, April 30, 2010


We hope you're enjoying the day, the sunshine, and the lack of apocalyptic winds (did you see yesterday, Boston?) because it's simply Friday and there must be some written rule, somewhere that says something about having to enjoy every Friday. And you know every Friday, it's all about our favorite things. There are some really fantastic things on the horizon, so keep looking out for them, PHI readers.

SKELETON FRIENDS. Scott Campbell's first solo presentation of his works in NYC will be a showcase of his unique eye through sculptures, paintings, and drawings. Campbell combines blue collar grit with the very unique, very visceral lore of tattoo culture to tell a story through all bodies of his work. The exhibit is called If You Don't Belong, Don't Be Long and runs from the 29th to May 30th.

ALL NEWS IS MUSIC NEWS. While some of us are believers in the idea that the music video, the good music video, is a dying institution, there are still people that seem to manage to keep it alive. Spike Jonze has directed the new LCD Soundsystem video for the single Drunk Girls. LCD Soundsystem's new album is due out May 18th, but check out the video. It's pretty great.

ICE CREAM. Now, let's think about warmer ties for a moment. Sun shining. You're about eight or nine and much better at getting away with running through the sprinklers, but enough of a kid to still want your ice cream. So Nestle Ice Cream and JWT Johannesburg created a new summer accessory, in that same vein, a hat made from ice cream sticks. It's adorable.

A JOURNEY WITH LOUIS VUITTON. Louis Vuitton is showcasing their Men's Fall 2010 via website through "The Journey of a Man's Wardrobe" where we, as viewers, can follow through pictures and illustrations of the journey of popular photographer The Shelby, starting in Paris.

THE PERFECT BLACK DRESS. There's a little black dress for everybody and everybody for a little black dress. And Style Melbourne is featuring Nevenka's Autumn Winter 2010 collection, called Concrete Jungle. Now, velvet isn't for everyone and personally, I have memories of seventh grade chorus and those dresses that my mother used to make me where as a kid - but wow, Nevenka's collection is fantastic and the black dress? Too cool.

SEDUCTION BY FRAMES. I'll admit that I'm easy. Put something shiny, something sparkly, or unapologetically cool, I'm there and I'm in love. And cool frames? Just another way to my heart. Frames like Herricht's wood ones, which both have this really clean look and almost romantic feel to them - everybody loves a poet, of course. They're pretty gorgeous and something that you do need to check out.

ERASER+ING ERASER. Where was this when I was in in school? No, it's not a ring pop but a stylish way to keep an eraser on hand should you be a pencil lover or a pencil user. Love it.

NICHOLAS K. I think the great thing about the internet, and the legions of odd corners and information that it does provide us with, is that we get to have a peek into the inspirations of some really incredible designers like Nicholas K. Spend some time going through each post - it's time definitely well spent.

TATTOOS, TATTOOS, TATTOOS - are always really interesting to me, as you can tell a lot about a person and their tattoo, and there's always a really cool story attached to it in some way or form. Check out this slideshow, where a dozen ... unique (asparagus?) food related tattoos are displayed. It's fascinating, for sure.

IT'S IN THE WAY YOU LOOK AT ME. There's something to be said about the right lighting. The right cool lighting too. Check out Lighting for Treluce, from designer Marcus Temonto, which is just guaranteed to impress.

ROLF SACHS. The London-based designer recently teamed up with designers Patricia Urqulola and Ron Gillad for an installation that features "various levels of expanded metals" - they're just pictures that you definitely need to see for yourself. Also, visit Sachs' website. It's pretty cool.


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