Friday, April 9, 2010


There are lots of new and exciting things brewing for us, PHI readers. Lots of great changes that we're looking forward to sharing with all of you. But for now, let's talk about our Friday Favorites. A little bit of this, a little bit of that - perfect for reading while catching up on this week's Project Runway on a little bit of a dreary day.

COMPANY-WISE. “Studio belenko!" is an internationally known part-design, part-production internationally company based in Odessa, Ukraine. Founded by architect Denis Belenko in 2003, the studio can be described as a combination of vintage and modern. A favorite? Without a doubt, it’s the paper lamps, which has a really quirky flavor of unusual for sure.

LOVELY PACKAGE. Let’s be honest. We do judge books by their covers. If you were offered a choice of two kinds of chocolate and could only pick one, you’d either go for the brand that you know or the prettiest one. Don’t lie. But lovely package is such a neat site; it explores the uniqueness of packaging all across the board, whether it is wine bottles or your favorite coffee for home.

ANNIVERSARY DAYS. How cool is this? For their 50th anniversary celebrations, Dr. Martens and ten producers are working together to recreate their favorite tracks from the past. So far bands like the Noisettes covered The Buzzcocks, “Ever Fall In Love” and the Duke Spirit (a favorite of yours truly) covered Sham 69s, “The Kids are Untitled.” So, so cool. Check it out.

FOG BANK. It’s quite the cool installation piece at the 3A Gallery in San Francisco by fifth year architecture students Patrick Delorey and Keith Houchin from Cal Poly.

HOWDOOS. I can’t get over how neat these are; howdoos are by Delicious Industries, a design studio based in Brighton, UK. They have a fantastic blog that definitely lead to the discovery of these howdoos, letter-press business cards. They come in two colors, pink and black, and come in packs of ten. Lovely, lovely, lovely!

FOR THE WARMER WEATHER. The best part about the warmer days is the clothes and the shoes, but mostly, it’s the fact that your fingers are going to fall off because the temperature went from two to three with wind chill. From Snowflake by Debbie Sutton, the Nora skirt is such a fantastic way to celebrate the warmer weather with a little bit of linen and a great, classic fit.

ALL ABOUT THE NINETIES. Everybody loves a good list. Letterman’s made somewhat of a career of it. You can absolutely find a list in a major periodical, whatever medium’s your poison. But give me a quirky list. Give me a list that is full of random gems from the 90s like Spice World (you watched too, don’t even try and lie!) and Goodfellas and Fargo. For the movie nerd in you, this one of those things that you just have to check it out.

FLORAL, FLORAL, FLORAL. What a gorgeous idea! Use bunches of fresh herbs as floral wedding decor. At a warm outdoor wedding, the smell would be incredible.

THE SURREY. We love, love, love The Surrey in NYC. Beautiful interiors – clean lines, gorgeous colors, and definitely a place that we’re dying to look up when we’re in the city.

FASHION STAKE. From the New York magazine, Fashion Stake is the brainchild of Harvard Business School student Vivian Weng. Weng previously worked in finance by helping fashion companies secure funding. "Fashion’s dirty little secret is that no one really has a lot of money — even people who are well-known and household names,” she told WWD. “One designer’s first round of financing took 18 months to complete." The cool new site will be launched this fall and really has an aim to give young labels a shot at funding from the masses. Anyone can invest just $50 in a label they like. Read the article here!

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