Friday, April 16, 2010


Think of this week's Friday Favorites as a last minute end to your Friday, work day week. There are some really great ones this week, a continuation of this week's music theme that we've seemed to really favor as well as the ever-so-important fantastic little things. Check everything out!

SALONE DEL MOBILE is the largest international decoration trade fair in the world shown in Milan every year. It showcases the latest in furniture and design. Abitare has a really great run-through of this year’s best of the best, for those of us who couldn’t be there and are aching to see.

THE JAZZZ LOFT PROJECT is a personal favorite of this week’s Friday Favorites. Archives of photographer W Eugene Smith’s myriad recordings and photos of jazz musicians from 1957-1965 available for the first time, not just for looking but for listening too.

FROM HERE TO THERE is a collective of artists living and working in Los Angeles, whose mediums range from photography to collage, video, sound, and installations. They meet bi-weekly to discuss their work and ideas and it’s just a really great example of how collaborations, in any form, work fantastically. They have a blog you should check out as well.

YOUNGER THAN I’LL BE runs to May 23 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. The exhibition includes works from the likes of artists such as Marcelo Gomes and Nan Goldin, and looks back at the NYC of the 80s and 90s, the city where curator Skye Parrott grew up. She says about the project, “When I started the process of putting together this photography show, I thought it was going to be about New York and its many incarnations. However, as I started to edit, I realized that what I was putting together was a portrait of New York past–the city as it was when I was growing up in the 80's and early 90's. Not all of the works date from those years, but they all encompass the feeling of being young in the city as it was before the big boom, back when Manhattan could still feel dangerous.” Check it out.

THE AMPERSAND ID CHART by Douglas Wilson, is a limited edition letterpress print from Douglas Wilson. It’s a cheeky nod to the Snellen eye chart, using the ampersand. Each print is hand letterpressed and comes with an ID key that details the names and weights of all sixty-one ampersands.

COCO AND LA VIE EN ROSE BY BRAN EGMOND redefines elegance at its best. These gorgeous fixtures are really striking, taking black and white and crystal and really working with the elements to create something extraordinary.

GUERRILLA STYLIST: FASHION FROM THE FRONT LINES belongs to New York stylist Celine Griscom, who shares her day to day findings as she works for her clients. There are some great finds, some cool trends, and it’s definitely the place to go and check out.

THE FARMLINE CHAIR BY TIMO HOISKO, From the CONTEMPORIST, Finnish designer Timo Hoisko has created the Farmline chair out a single metal tube and locally grown hemp fiber. It grows on you. Pun not intended.

THE FLY LIGHT. This installation is almost magical – literally. By Design Drift, it takes its cues from the idea of a “flock formation” or simply, the Fly Light is a collection of a hundred and sixty light-infused glass tubes hung at varying heights to mimic the flock formation. It’s gorgeous.

PIL is a pendant lamp that hangs, looking fantastic in your space. Made with hand-turned logs from New Zealand's Southland forests and glass, Pil marries old and new taking LED lighting technology to produce a really gorgeous piece.

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