Friday, March 12, 2010


Happy Friday, PHI readers! It's been a long time coming for sure, this weekend, and as always, it's time for our Friday Favorites. And so what if the weather is a little wacky (have they ever been right?), enjoy your days and a few of our favorite things.

AVOCADO POUND CAKE. File this one under strange ideas that suddenly sound really, really great. Pound cake is fantastic. Avocados are also fantastic and multi-faceted. So why not have avocado pound cake? Joy the Baker has a great recipe that I'm pretty excited to try.

From Pedlars, an amazing chandelier that has been meticulously constructed out of fishing supplies, fishing floats and nylon fishing gut to be exact. It comes complete with an internal lamp and seems equally easy to hang.

By Tom Dixon, the Mirror Ball stand shows a new configuration featuring an array of various sized balls on a robust stainless steel stand. Each ball is tightly held in place with industrial strength clamps the stand creates a sculptural interior lighting "tree". Stand can accommodate a maximum of 6 Mirror Balls in various sizes.

Sometimes it's always best to go smaller, whether it be for traveling or a day on the go. Sony has just announced plans to produce an ultra-compact digital camera with large interchangeable lenses. the new line of cameras aims to combine the small scale portability of standard point and shoots, with image quality and versatility of larger digital SLRs. The new line was just announced at the annual camera show PMA (photo marketing association).

Taking over one of the Meatpacking district’s last remaining disused warehouse spaces during the recent New York Fashion Week were iconic British luxury brand dunhill, with a little help from super-talented London based studio, Campaign. Having recently produced sublime pop-up stores for Dr.Martens and currently collaborating with Christopher Bailey, Creative Director of Burberry, on forthcoming interior concepts, London’s Campaign are carving a name for themselves as the ‘go-to’ agency for the Fashion world’s particularly creative needs. It's such a cool concept.

IF LADY GAGA DOES IT. Do you do it? These crazy sunglasses are by High end German sunglasses maker MYKITA who teamed up with Romain Kremer for Fall/Winter 2010. The result are these sunglasses that come with an attached head piece in red and black.The model is called YURI (after Yuri Gagarine) and the idea is that these sunglasses also protect the third eye – the brain.

AN EDUCATION. With the Oscars finally over, it's time to watch all those movies without all the insane hype. An Education is a coming of age drama that stars Carey Mulligan and is based on an autobiographical memoir of the same tittle written by the British journalist Lynn Barber. And so this is the part where you're thinking 'oh, the coming of age drama -' but there's something entirely endearing about the story and specific and Carey Mulligan's performance touches on those few memories that you have, as a teenager, on what it's really like to grow up.

... Céline. From the Sartorialist, Céline FW by Garance Doré Studio. It speaks for itself, without a doubt, gorgeous clothes and Céline.

Void is preview of the new Tom Dixon collection Industry, which will show at Super Studio Più as part of Milan Design Week 2010. The shiny suspension lamps are constructed using “a double wall spun construction" and are available in solid copper, brass, or stainless steel. Like 3rings says, Void brings new meaning to the phrase, “Everything that glitters is not gold.”

RODARTE LIGHTS IT ALL UP. There is very little to say other than - "WANT. WANT. WANT. WANT." With several exclamation points and extreme abuse of the capslock key. But these Rodarte Light Up Heels are so gorgeous and so fun, that I can't help but walk right into some sort of Midsummer's Night fantasy or into a scene from Fantasia.

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