Friday, March 5, 2010


Somehow the weatherman seems to be convinced that we've got our own snowapocalypse waiting in the wings - except, you know, the sun is shinning. This is definitely a point for another day, of course. But just before you head out to enjoy the day, check out some of our favorite things.

SO YOU WANT A BOOMERANG CHAIR. The thing about the internet is that it makes you an eternal skeptic and when you read a link that says 'boomerang chair, you're faced with two decisions: a) ignore it because there's a 99.9% chance that it may be the campiest thing you've ever seen or b) don't ignore it and face that percentage come hell or high water. But the Neutra Boomerang Chair is quite cool both in design and style, coming in both dark and light woold. It's modern, sure, but it feels like classic beach chair in a way - do check it out.

WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE. If this doesn't make you a Spike Jonze fan, we don't know what else will. There's something ultimately magical about your childhood coming to life - and in such a big way as well. It's about the colors and that feeling, that pulsing feeling of curiosity and insight at the big bad world that still exists for us as adults even though we sometimes forget. There's such color in this film and heart and if you didn't see it in October, here's a chance for you now. The DVD came out on the second.

An interesting new series by German photographer Oliver Schwarzwald that looks at typical breakfasts around the world. The photographs are incredible. Check it out.

THE PERFECT SANDWICH. The problem with spending too much time on a food blog and really it's not a problem but ultimately it does make you hungrier than you want to be - but you do stumble onto things that you love and then want, not necessarily to make but to appear out of nowhere like magic. Take the Pain Surprise, which is hollowed out bread made into little sandwiches of different flavors and then stuffed back in. No particular order, of course, so that it's a complete surprise which is great and scary, depending on where you are, when thinking about it.

FRANK CHIMERO HAS A BLOG. And I can't help but fall madly in love with it more and more every day. Chimero muses on all things thought and design, creativity and business and even Kanye West. A favorite post? 8 Ways to End the Internet which includes this point, "Dancing Baby and Hamster Dance make another go at it in light of the recent success of other come-back tours." It still makes me laugh.

YOUNG ME, NOW ME. In a culture where aging is both a fear and fascination, this photography blog is a warmer response to that sensibility and ultimately really endearing. Two photos, the same people, different times - from mothers and sons then to mothers and sons now, you as the viewer really get to face how much people really don't change. And these photos are really great. And makes you want to hug your family.

From the March 2010 issue of Vogue Spain, comes this really wonderful editorial from photographer Patrick Demarchelier. Of course, Hendrix was the seventies and the aesthetics from the time range from leather and feathers and colors. But the tribute in itself is very romantic and gorgeous without a doubt, and there a few really incredible pieces that you definitely want to get your hands on.

A PORTABLE DESK FOR YOU AND ME. From Swedish Headoffice Design, secretaire is a foldable and portable workspace made in wood. The keyword here is portable and it's quite the accessory - check it out.

VIKTOR & ROLF PRE-FALL 2010. Although I'm sure most of us are ready for spring to come, for the colors and the prints, we're certainly excited about Viktor & Rolf's pre-fall collection. Each piece is phenomenal, of course, and while I'm also sure that many of you are going "black, really?", the construction to each piece is phenomenal.

DID YOU KNOW: THE DAFFODIL EDITION. The one thing about spring that we all are excited about is flowers. Spring means fresh flowers and if there's something that I really enjoy, it's putting fresh flowers everywhere - thanks mom. Design Sponge has a phenomenal entry on daffodils and the various types. It's an interesting read, check it out.


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