Friday, February 19, 2010


While the next Project Runway is gearing up on the DVR, let's talk Friday Favorites! As always, here are a few things that inspire us. Do take the time to go and check them out.

RADIO, RADIO. While the larger picture is always important, sometimes have the right pieces takes all a long way. Matt Brown’s phenomenal laser cut radios are systems that use radio-frequency identification speakers and chips to provide people with a better connection to the artists they choose to listen to. These radios also double as great, colorful sculptures that definitely stand out in a room.

EVERYTHING HAS A PLACE. A lot of times searching for something to share on our Friday Favorites, leads us to some strange places. "Content and Container" is collection jewelry, fashion and tabletop inspirations that follow the wabi-sabi philosophy of Japan, a philosophy that centers on the idea of beauty that is "imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete".

. There is something about the fur, the feathers, the snow. It's just so fun! Most brides want to get married in the spring and summer but imagine walking down the aisle in this winter wonderland? Take these ice branches, a perfect backdrop for any winter wedding.

ALPHABET SOUP. How great are these? Hungarian artist Lajos Major uses photography for a cheeky play on the alphabet.

KEEP CALM. We’ve most definitely talked about ‘Keep Calm, Carry on’ here at the PHI blog, the old World War II slogan poster that has definitely become incredibly popular and of course, a sensational internet meme. Oscillator tracks the amusing evolution of the Keep Calm popularity.

. The amazing Love Letter Project is a series of murals collectively comprising a love letter to West Philadelphia by Stephen Powers. Powers collectively has more than fifty different murals in the area. The project is sponsored by the Pew Center for Arts & Heritage through the Philadelphia Exhibitions Initiative. You can visit his site for a list of all his murals, complete with directions and photos that you can see them in person.

EYEGASMS. Another thing that we’ve talked about before is how strange and vast a site like tumblr can be, and the few cool gems that you can definitely stumble upon. Take this blog for example, where you can scroll through an array of incredible pieces – it’s all about the visual stimulation.

REEL LIGHT. Nottingham, England based designer Guy Brown, who is part of the British design collective FARM, has created the Reel Light, fashioned out of steel cable.

ROUGE COCO DU CHANEL. Last week, Vanessa Paradis launched her new Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick campaign. The Rouge Coco collection includes four color families with a total of thirty shades, ranging from deep scarlets to pale neutrals. Each lipstick retails for $30, with the entire collection launching on February 25. Paradis is no stranger to Chanel campaigns. The stunning French songstress became the face of the Coco fragrance way back in 1992. Check out the making of the campaign as well!

PUTTING YOUR MONEY WEAR. What Gary Harvey most certainly has is a strong aesthetic. Take his most infamous design, a newspaper gown fitted together from 30 copies of the Financial Times and cinched together with a fetching salmon-pink corset. It’s quite the sight to see.

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