Friday, February 26, 2010


It's time for our Friday favorites! This week is a strange but fun mix of inspirations; from shoes to film, to just the right chair, or maybe it's just all about the things that we don't understand. Enjoy checking them out!

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE RIGHT CHAIR. There’s nothing wrong about getting a little creative about extra seating, wanted company or unwanted company. And well, this ‘chair’ might not be the most comfortable, but it will mark a great spot for you to stack your magazines.
LA CASA DE BOTELLAS. La Casa de Botellas is a Palace designed of plastic bottle that is confined by a Santa Cruz Family. The house designed by the Alfredo Santa Cruz family in Puerto Iguazu, Argentina sets an example to utilize plastic bottles that could possibly have been trashed into bins. Almost every item of the house is made of thousands of PET plastic bottles, which is simple, accessible and creative at the same time. The pictures are unreal.
POGOISM? Admittedly, anything involving pogo sticks makes me a little skeptical and anything that suddenly says pogo sticks are a part of a new art form even more so – but watch the video, three guys, some paint, and well, their pogo sticks. Decide for yourself.
LET’S TALK LAYERS. Artist Andrea Myers’ work is incredibly bright and colorful. You’re not entirely sure of the shape – although, they are somewhat reminiscent of contour lines and contour maps – and while they seem to be made out of paint, it’s actually something more of a fabric. Check them out.

MUGSHOTS. Bored of your Facebook profile picture? Designer Anton Mircea has a playful twist on the “no picture” image. As Mircea says, “I believe we can enrich visual contexts that are supposed to be standardized or flattened into a template, even transform them into something popular although they were supposed to be the opposite – no profile pictures.” So suddenly have some strange desire to be the Terminator? You can download the photo here.

THE EXPLODING GIRL. There’s something magical about the right movie trailer, whether it be a huge blockbuster film or that small, coffee house film that is waiting to be discovered. The Exploding Girl is that such film, shot with that kind of romantic care and quietness. Written and directed by Bradley Rust Gray, he skillfully composes this delicate and honest portrait of a young woman at a crossroad. Watch the trailer here.
THINGS I DON’T UNDERSTAND. And definitely don’t want to talk about. Need break and a laugh? This blog is pretty self-explanatory – ever have that day, you know, that day, where you’re privy to certain things that happen and you just don’t get it. Then this is definitely a place for you. A favorite? “Things I don’t understand and definitely don’t want to talk about – I do not want to make you a mix tape and I want you to already know all the music that I already know.”

IT'S THE GREAT JJ LAMP! Itre’s The Great JJ lamp is designed by Centro Stile design studio and a take-off on Jac Jacobsen’s ever-popular architect lamp. This was first developed as enormous floor lamp - and is now being debuted as an equally over-scaled outdoor version. Which, let's be honest, is just fantastic!

MATHIEU LEHANNEUR. Designer Mathieu Lehanneur has created a gorgeous line of ceramic urns. The shapes of these 29.5 inch tall jars are physical manifestations of the demographic data of various countries. Each piece has 100 layers, and each layer represents 1 more year of age than the layer below it. It's really quite cool! Do take the time to explore the designer's site as well - his work is filled with extraordinary pieces.

IF ANYTHING, IT'S ABOUT THE SHOES. We've mentioned SHOELUST quite a bit on the PHI blog because, well, it's always about shoes. And more shoes. And shoes and shoes. Let's take this week's favorite with a little bit of mathematics - Tommy Ton + black + silver + (and it gets better, oh my) there's snakeskin = a pair of booties that are just kickass!

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