Saturday, February 6, 2010


In a household plagued by colds, and with five minutes until SNL, sometimes the only thing to watch is toddlers & tiaras - but at the point, you know it's time change the channel and suffer through those five minutes. Or have a few things to read:

In keeping with the strange and bizarre, LOSTCITY has seemed to combine a love of crime shows and pillows and has come up with the blood spatter pillow - we kid you not. It takes a minute to process the whole idea and maybe it's kind of a quirk for that CSI fan in you. Perhaps, it might just grow on you.

It's really Frank Chimero's blog that you should take the time to read, where he has a few words to say about Apple's iPad like, "As a user of technology, I think it makes sense to continue the analogy of referencing physical objects. I think a malleable interface allows us to do this easier, but even more so the multi-touch technology. Now, when you see a button, you can actually push it with your finger, just like a real button." (Read more.)

To round things up - MAMA'S A ROLLING STONE, a favorite fashion blog of ours, has photos from Sasha Pivovarova in an editorial for February's Interview magazine. Gorgeous colors. Incredible pieces from the spring collections, including Prada’s crystal chandelier shoes, Miu Miu platforms, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton and more. This editorial was shot in an all-white room with brightly colored, graffiti-covered furniture. Check it out!

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