Thursday, February 11, 2010


One of the things that is a sure fire way of acknowledging you're sick with a bad, bad cold, is the amount of BRAVO television you end up consuming for the time that you're home.

Kell on Earth is the latest of BRAVO's endeavors to break into the fashion side of reality television - after all, how many episodes of The Real Housewives can you take? Kelly Cutrone is not Rachel Zoe (thank god) and no longer an avenue for those Hills girls to pretend they have a real job (thank god). We finally know her as the business woman who runs her own high-profile fashion PR company, People's Revolution, and gets things done.

So what makes her show different? In sea of Project Runway clones, the seven billionth season of shows like Top Chef (which I love), Top Design (which there needs to be more of), Kell on Earth seems to have the package that everyone else is missing. You see the glitz, the glam, the shine of innovation and imagination that is a fashion show and a designer's vision. But what you also see is the behind-the-scenes, the people that make that vision possible, and literally kill themselves in putting it together.

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