Friday, February 12, 2010


It took a lot of willpower to not get incredibly festive with a Valentine's Day-themed Friday favorites. Treating yourself to chocolate is a much better plan. This week's ten favorite things have a little bit of everything for you to enjoy - check them out!

SLASH. Running until April 4th, Slash is the third installment of NYC's Museum of Art and Design (MAD)'s Materials and Process series. As the cheif curator, David Revere McFadden explains, “Slash showcases artists whose works surprise for their complexity and content, and not just for their technical virtuosity." It's a complete and daring visual experience. Visit the museum site for more information.

Think your living space is small? Architect Gary Chang has lived in the same 32 sq meter apartment since he was fourteen. He has since then renovated the space four times and has transformed into into what he calls his "domestic transformer" - the apartment can be easily changed through the use of sliding wall units that fold away furniture and, and it boasts over 20 different configurations.

THE VENTRICLE VASE. I didn't say I wouldn't anything Heart Day related in our Top Ten - the Ventricle Vase for those of you who are fans of all things literal. The glass heart is created by Eva Milinkovic of Tsunami Glassworks. It's a gorgeous piece, inspired by emotions and their many colors, all shaped in a heart. It's available in three sizes for all sorts of grand gestures.

HOTEL CINEMATHEQUE. Design Hotels has joined forces with The Auteurs and has created this very cool marriage of cinema and luxury. And let's be honest, there's nothing like having the right kind of film for a late movie night in your hotel.

THE GAGA DOLLAR. Unless you've been living under a really heavy rock or have super powers that allow you to filter our news of your choosing, you know that Lady Gaga has been everywhere - and everywhere is no longer big enough for her too. But artist Craig Gleason has now made into the dollar bill portrait (or has unleashed the federal government's inner fan) - either way it's kind of ingenious and a charming laugh, and for purchase.

MY HOUSE NIGHTCLUB BY DODD MITCHELL DESIGN. This LA club reinterprets the classic house party by feeling and functioning like you've entered someone's private home. Says designer Dodd Mitchell, "I have always enjoyed the comfort of a house party that just doesn’t exist in your typical nightclub, so with My House I set out to create an environment I would personally relish, and bring that vision to the nightlife space."

IHEARTMYART. A tumblr blog that features a variety of pieces, showcasing an incredible array of talent and names. This is a great place to take the time and sit down for a few minutes. Check out Fiona Shaw's installation work - a favorite? Definitely her My Discomfort Is Evident But I Am Unsure Of The Cause (Prelude To An Unfinished Narrative), 2010.

PET PEEVE TAGS. These are an absolute favorite. Brittany Harriman has developed a series of "Pet Peeve Tags" that address issues such as slow walking, back washing (gross!), and the ever-presistant failure of washing one's hands. They are hand printed and in such a way that the offender can understand and perhaps even appreciate.

LAURA MARLING, I SPEAK BECAUSE I CAN. In 2008, Laura Marling made her mark with her debut. Her soulful voice and her incredible lyrics lend themselves to some of the the most incredible songs (do, do, do give My Manic & I a listen) - and in March, she'll be releasing her new album I Speak Because I Can. In anticipation for that release, a video for the album single Devil's Spoke is now available.

A PLACE IN THE SUN. For those of us who are sick of the cold and the endless amounts of snow, snow, snow, the ELLE March 2010 editorial is stunningly perfect. There are gorgeous beaches and backdrops and lots of colors, warm and vibrant (the red dress is an absolute favorite). Do check it out.

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