Thursday, January 7, 2010


It's Thursday and that means that the weekend will soon be upon us, much to the utter delight of people everywhere.

Don't lie.

It's also four o'clock and with the evening fast approaching, it's time to think about the most important part of our body ... our stomach. Thursday's links are all food and drink based. And unlike the oddity and ultimately ... well, how would you feel being Daniel Craig and coming face to face with a popsicle version of yourself? Exactly.

1. the daily sip by bottlenotes - described as "US Weekly meets the Daily Candy of the wine industry", the daily sip is filled with insider tips and specials, regional wines, celebrity wine favorites, behind-the-scene stories from winemakers, and more. You can also find the daily sip on Twitter, if you're interested in following.

2. Cannelle et Vanille is this week's favorite food blog of the week. Why, you ask. Well it's incredibly gorgeous, of course, and full of mouth-watering, delicious dishes like this crispy mushroom, potato, and blue cheese galette that is currently haunting this blogger in her sleep.

3. And now for something completely different, Salon has an article about the entire, curious history of General Tao's chicken which features as guest cameo from Henry Kissinger. Oh yes, that Henry Kissinger.

(Today's photo is from Esther Aarts. Please check out the artist's work!)

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