Monday, December 21, 2009


Director Anton Corbijn's 2007 critically-acclaimed biopic Control follows the life of Ian Curtis, lead singer of the band Joy Division. Shot entirely in black and white, the film intimately details the band's quick and short rise to fame through Curtis' eyes, the weight of his young and troubled marriage, and frequent seizures, all of which led to his downward spiral and eventual suicide.

The screenplay itself is based on a book by Curtis' widow, Touching from a Distance, and stars actors Sam Riley, Samantha Morton, and Alexandra Maria Lara.

The film is an incredibly intimate portrayal that showcases the talents of then rising-star Riley as well as the ever amazing, talented Samantha Morton. Riley is incredibly haunting as Curtis, clumsy and self-deprecating, devoted to his music and unable to escape the responsibilities of his life and his illness. Morton is equally fierce and devastating as his wide-eyed sweetheart and wife Deborah, completely aware of how quickly she loses everything.

Director Corbijn stays faithful to the mood of the band and its music, using the black and white to capture the essence of that era. The film itself is bleak and often romantic, focusing on both the tragedy of Curtis' life as well as the impact he continues to have on music today. Without a doubt, this film is a definite must-have.

Listen to Joy Division: Love Will Tear Us Apart, She's Lost Control

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