Saturday, December 26, 2009


Christmas shopping is a curious thing; it can go either way, of course, as the stuff of nightmares and ... well, a headache. Then you have the after holiday sales that may serve better as a real life interpretation of a Jerry Springer show, complete with screaming children, over-caffeinated shoppers, and, if you're desperate enough to venture into a Target, shopping cart accidents - people will definitely aim for limbs with their shopping carts in there.

Needless to say, online browsing has lead us to a few strange corners of the internet. Paris Hilton, ultimately famous for branding herself into ... that's for another rainy day. But she has designed a tank for Forever21, that comes in gray or pink, as well as a complete display of her artistic talents, a drawing of herself and all her pets.

But it's for charity.

Which is really great - The Starlight Children's Foundation does a number of wonderful things for sick children and their families. It brings together experts of all fields that hope to educate and provide care for these families as well. You can make a direct donation here.

But would you wear it? And ultimately Forever21, who is geared towards girls from 13-22 - would they wear it?

It's always a bewildering aspect of our culture, watching the celebrity world mesh with everything else; of course, a charitable venture is a noble and great, great thing. And it begs to question as to who is really serious about giving back, whether or not giving back is a show of the sorts. How relevant is Paris Hilton as well? As woman who has marketed herself into a brand in this celebrity-obsessed culture, why a t-shirt and not the proceeds from the many perfumes that she comes out with every year? Or from her appearances?

This is today's food for thought.

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