Sunday, December 27, 2009


There is no doubt that 2009 has seen a serious rise in blogging, both as a growing phenomena and a cultural tool.

The New York Times' Sunday Style section this week features an article on blogging and its rise to power within the fashion world - bloggers have now moved into the coveted first row at many of the shows.

Says Kelly Cutrone, a fashion show organizer since 1987, "There has been a complete change this year. Do I think, as a publicist, that I now have to have my eye on some kid who’s writing a blog in Oklahoma as much as I do on an editor from Vogue? Absolutely. Because once they write something on the Internet, it’s never coming down. And it’s the first thing a designer is going to see.” (NYTimes, Sunday Style, 11)

Of course, the rise of blogging popularity gives new and peculiar insight to just how quick and sudden the market and the fashion audience is adjusting to this change. Bloggers are able to give real time reviews of collections, posting imagines and comments even before shows end - this is much faster than a magazine, say Vogue, and the length of time it takes to put together an issue complete with their insights and trend views. Say the famous Fall issue. Another added perk to the rise of bloggers is that it offers a direct, if not functional connection to the customer. Not only are these bloggers able to quickly put together any sort of review or recommendation, readers of a particular blog are able to interact. It's the internet at its finest, a showcase of information sharing and passing.

Go here to read the Times article in full.

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