Monday, December 21, 2009


So it's Monday! Take a few minutes to yourself and check out a few, fantastic newsworthy items:

the CHANEL mobile art exhibit
: A collaboration between Karl Lagerfeld and renowned architect Zaha Hadid, the exhibition is meant to be a complete sensory experience. Inspired by the iconic CHANEL quilted bag, the exhibit is an entire universe of original and eclectic point of views that only add to the legendary vibrancy of the CHANEL experience. Features the famed Russian artists, the Blue Noses, the Frenchman Daniel Buren, David Levinthal, and more.

Lavin's artistic director, Alber Elbaz has elevated the French house into a new kind of advertising with their spring-summer campaign. Shot by photographer Steven Meisel, it features model Jamie Bochert, flying down a corridor in a studio. "I thought maybe we need a bit of action," Elbaz says.

And of course if you're warily expecting some unwanted stocking stuffers, Gizmodo answers the most important questions about The Slanket, the Snuggie, the Freedroom Blanket, or the awesomely-named Blankoat.

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